Community Guidelines

We want PNW Riders to be a cool place to bring together all motorcycle riders in the Pacific Northwest region. We’ve penned some thoughts and guidelines around making this a place you can call home.

Participate and have fun.

Communicate with other motorcycle riders, share your thoughts and experiences with other motorcycle riders, meet up with other motorcycle riders for motorcycle rides and gatherings.

Be cool.

Treat each other with respect. Don’t be that guy.

Don’t spam.

You’re not fooling anyone. PNW Riders is not for commercial use outside of our paying sponsors. Please don’t use PNW Riders for selling of or promoting products and services unless you are a Site Sponsor.

Don’t be a sexist, racist, or a hater.

Would you talk to your mom or neighbor like that? PNW Riders defines hate speech as speech intended to degrade, intimidate, or incite violence or prejudicial action against anyone. Don’t drink the haterade.

Don’t engage with the flotsam or jetsam.

If someone is being a jerk in the community, report them using the Report feature and move on.

No Nonsense

We cannot have a rule for everything. For unique situations and the users who may abuse our community, we reserve the right to react to these issues in a way of our choosing. We reserve the right to ban users who are disruptive to the community in general and tend to contribute nothing but negativity and problems.


Users are not allowed to advertise or promote products, services, or businesses in the following areas: Threads, Posts, Blogs, Avatars, Profile Pictures, Signatures. Advertising in these specific areas is reserved for user accounts that are marked as a Site Sponsor.


Signatures are meant for creative expression. Links to social websites are acceptable, assuming these links are not advertising. If you are a racer or track rider, a designated section in your User Profile has been designed to showcase your race team information and sponsors.

Alternate Accounts

We only allow one user account per person. If you don’t like your user name, contact us and we can change it for you. Multiple user accounts are not allowed. All discoverable alternate user accounts, including the primary account, will be banned.

Not Work Safe

PNW Riders defines NWS (Not Work Safe) as extreme graphic content and as nudity where the genitalia area of a man or woman, to include a women’s nipples, are visible. PNW Riders reserves the right to decide, at our discretion, if content is NWS. NWS content is only allowed in the designated NWS section. Users must join the NWS Group to view and participate in this designated NWS section.

New Topics

Post new threads in the appropriate section of the community and keep the foul language out of the Thread Titles and Blog Titles. Make sure you include the word “Spoiler” somewhere in the Title if you’re discussing the results or outcome of a race, movie, etc.


All buying, selling, and trading on the site should be done in the Classifieds, which follow specific Classifieds rules and guidelines. User accounts marked as a Site Sponsor are permitted to buy, sell, and trade outside the Classifieds.


Guns and firearms are not allowed to be sold on the PNW Riders community. Users are advised to list all gun sales in the PNW Guns Classifieds.

Group Buys

Group buys can only be posted by user accounts that are marked as a Site Sponsor.

Live Chat

Keep it civil in Live Chat, otherwise you will be banned from Live Chat without warning. If topics that originated in Live Chat are brought to the forum to start drama, you will be banned from Live Chat without warning.

Community Rules

If you use PNW Riders, you are expected to abide by these community guidelines, otherwise you may be warned, infracted, or banned.


Warnings may be communicated via private message, through email, or through the Infraction System. If you receive a Warning through the Infraction System, they carry zero weight toward being banned, and serve only as a reference that a user has been warned.


Infractions carry varying amounts of weight toward being banned from the community. Each infraction carries a certain point value and specific lifespan of being active.


The Infraction System will automatically ban users who receive a certain number of active infractions, which cross a certain point threshold. When a user is banned, ban times are usually determined by history and severity and are incremental in most cases.


If you would like to appeal a warning or infraction, contact an administrator. If you have been banned from the community, and would like to make an appeal, use the Contact Us form.


PNW Riders has a moderating system in place, where we issue warnings and infractions based on the following violations:

  1. Personal attacks
  2. Threatening people
  3. Provoking or baiting people for the purpose of getting a negative reaction
  4. Brand bashing of a serious nature
  5. Posting a thread with an ending or outcome and not labeling it Spoiler in the Thread Title
  6. Posting NWS content outside the designated NWS area
  7. User names containing vulgar, obscene, profane, or hate-based content
  8. Material that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, racial and/or ethnic slurs; hateful content; or otherwise objectionable
  9. Alternate user account
  10. Foul language in a Thread Title
  11. Advertising
  12. No Nonsense

Unique Forum Rules

There are some specific sections in the community which are moderated by their own unique set of rules (i.e. ClassifiedsAsk an Officer, etc.)


The staff reserve the right to remove, edit, move, or close any post or topic at any time should they deem it to be in the best interest of the PNW Riders community. Their decisions will be reviewed, and additional or different actions may be taken per consensus by the Staff.

Contact Us

You can contact us anytime with your questions, suggestions, or concerns.