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Sept 12th Tough day
Amy and I are heading down to Mike Barletts' memorial service.
Those who had the pleasure of knowing Mike know that he had a personality
that never will be forgotten.He was a kickass rider a great guy to ride with
and was the first to lend a hand if anyone needed him.I first met Mike through
Djoplin on my very first Neah Bay ride.Mike was giving me little pointers and hints about upcoming sections of road.A great man whom the motorcycling community is at loss without.

If anybody would like to ride down,Yes ride down postup and we can make more plans.

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Sandi will be there, but in her car. She goes back to WA for 6 weeks next Sunday. I'm stuck in NY, and not happy about missing this. I liked Mike alot.

But anyways, Say hi to Sandi, she will be glad to see you guys.

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I Ride: for OPRT with an '07 SXV550 (The Darkness) and a '13 ZX14R (Mjölnir). DGA sucks.
I'm working for OPRT, but otherwise I'd be there.

Is there any way I can make a donation to him or his family?

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