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Originally Posted by solunatic View Post
Had a good ride back, but when i stopped for lunch in government camp i came out to find my key still in my ignition

Click, you are one lucky bastard for finding a girl that wants to go camping for her honeymoon. (I know right!?!)
(you might want to get a bigger tent...)
LUNATIC!!!!! It was great meeting you! You are one cool guy! John and I have decided to adopt you as our red headed step child....just don't call us for money - you should call your real parents for that! lol

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Nvoelsch found a hitchhiker when we came back from a ride break.

Lazy bastard.

This is why we show up every year...well, that and camaraderie.

This yummy food brought to you by our wonder camp mom.

Those that stayed decided Sunday was a good day for a hike.

People watching. It's not just for bipeds.

Slow pokes.

But they made it to the top! This is our Camp Mom with the purveyor of speritus fermenti.

Admiring the view.

This would be the one.

View from the point. You can see the campground at the lower left of the photograph.

Hope to see more of you next year!


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Had a great time, but get rid of that fat, balding guy. That grub looked like really small portions. That big keg looked really tasty.

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