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a time when I got scared of street riding

Posted 07-12-2008 at 02:14 AM by 3cYlinders_oF_fuRy

about the third week of june i witnessed a accident on my vacation. I was just cursing along being a annoying camper going too slow on the road and as i came up to a slight bend in the road a bunch of shit went down, including a bike. I dont want to post to many details about this accident but it still bothers me that something like this can happen, the guy on the bike wasnt doing anything wrong and shit hit the fan. when i got home from my vacation it took me over a week to get back on my bike. i was terrifed of riding on the street, but just before my vacation i just had a sweet track day, and i couldnt wait to ride again. the whole trip i was bitchin about not having my bike, and even after this happend I still wanted to ride but when i got home everything changed. i couldnt even leave my neighborhood because of the flash backs of this.

has anybody had near same experince? as in seen something happen and just hard to get back on 2 wheels?

Ive seen car accidents before and helped as a EMT until the actul EMT's showed up and it didnt bother me this much.

just felt like i needed to vent to who ever reads these things. now im pretty scared for life and i almost just want to quit riding street and ride track
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    Gamuru's Avatar
    Life's dangerous.

    We riders assume a larger portion of risk than cagers do when we throw our leg over the seats of our motorcycles. If you're not comfortable with that risk, sell the bike or, as you mentioned, go to the track. Either way, it's your choice.
    Posted 07-12-2008 at 07:32 AM by Gamuru Gamuru is offline
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    3cYlinders_oF_fuRy's Avatar
    it didnt scare me enough to sell my bike just enough to realize the extreme danger we risk
    Posted 07-12-2008 at 02:59 PM by 3cYlinders_oF_fuRy 3cYlinders_oF_fuRy is offline
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    Ariadneo's Avatar
    Its been less than a year since I became endorsed and left the parking lot learning ground for the "open road". I'm just starting to get more relaxed when I ride, but probably once a week I have a "oh, shit" story told to me or I read of an accident on here. Each time, I reasses whether the rides worth it and so far, yes it is. I know it's perfectly possible for me to experience second hand something that would make me stop. (Ironically I worry more about my spouse getting taken out than myself, and he's a much more accomplished rider than I.) I don't think it's a bad thing to be reminded that through no fault of our own, a ride could end badly. I just try to enjoy the ride all that much more. Sorry you experienced something that awful. It must have been horrible.
    Posted 07-13-2008 at 06:37 PM by Ariadneo Ariadneo is offline
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    Mr.O's Avatar
    I haven't personally had this happen but it might mess with my head enough to make me stop or stop for a while.
    Posted 07-14-2008 at 03:21 PM by Mr.O Mr.O is offline
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    I was in an accident a few years ago. I was hit by a semi. Almost killed. Had to have open heart bypass, spleen removed, Lots of broken bones. Was on life support and in a coma for nearly 3 weeks. I dont know how or why I survived. I decided shortly after getting out of the hospital that I wanted to ride again. I've always loved bikes and had a passion for riding. The truck driver was at fault, but it wasnt like he did it intentionally. It took me a while to understand how hard it has to be for him as well. He has to live with what he saw that night. I cant imagine what it would be like to be in his shoes. To me it was just a freak accident. I could have been in a car and had the same thing happen or been walking down the road and been hit. All you can do is be careful when you ride. You cant control what others are going to do. And you cant live in fear. I believe in destiny. It wasnt my time. I dont know or understand why. I still struggle with that sometimes. But its just the way it is. I just got a new bike a few weeks ago and got back to riding. I was very nervous getting back out in traffic. Mostly because I hadnt ridden in nearly 2 years. But it still affects your thinking. Just remember anything can happen. Wether your on a bike or not. Try and be prepared and ride careful. Thats really all you can do.
    Posted 07-14-2008 at 07:08 PM by odin544 odin544 is offline

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