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A new Nikon for 2008...

Posted 12-23-2007 at 10:36 PM by beansbaxter

An early Christmas gift to myself... since I am trying to get better at the photography thing, and I love the opportunity to take pictures as I feel it enriches the multimedia of the forum when the pictures look good...

So today I acted on a slight impulse and decided not to get the new Nikon D3. The only reason is because Nikon rumors are flying that Spring of 2008 will see the new Nikon D3X and this will be the true flagship Nikon camera for the next two years. I've had an opportunity to pick up a hard to find D3, but passed...

So today, with all the feelings of my life in the right places (or so I thought), I opted for the Nikon D300 as a secondary camera to my D200. I picked up the battery pack expansion grip as well for it, and added another very cool lens to my inventory. I love Nikon glass!

After walking around the University District with my new D300, I dont even want to touch my D200 anymore. There are some minor annoyances, but the new D300 is really light years ahead of the D200 in terms of features and performance. I love this camera immensly and it's been only eight hours since picking it up.

I still am figuring stuff out on it, and getting used to the incredible CMOS sensor and the ridiculously high ISO on it

More on the adventures of my new Nikon, coming soon...
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    600bandit's Avatar
    they do make good stuff. where did you buy?
    Posted 12-23-2007 at 11:07 PM by 600bandit 600bandit is offline
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    im staying tuned for sure. I LOVE my little D40x and the pictures are amazing if you have a little bit of a keen eye for photographing things.

    congratulations on the new D300 daniel. are you still planning on the D3x when it comes out?
    Posted 01-04-2008 at 06:34 AM by #1 Dad #1 Dad is offline

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