I dont know what I will do... I've always blogged about my life at beansbaxter.com, but it's good to have a blogging spot here on PNW Riders too.

I'll chime in on topics ranging from the forum, my motorcycle, my camera, and my life.

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Anyone remember the game, 'Columns'?

Posted 12-24-2007 at 05:59 AM by beansbaxter

Forget the Sega for a second...

I just pulled another all nighter, and besides being hella beat, I've been working on a flood of bug updates to the forum.

Things are loading fast AND I've finally got the left column implemented on the Forum Index page.

There is a lot of center dead space on the Forum Index page, so I pushed it in some to accommodate a left-side column. As of now, the column shows the last 10 threads in the General Discussion, as wel as the last 10 threads hopping in the Classifieds. Of course, the portal page is much more in depth, but this helps us see what is happening in the hot spots of the forum as we are navigating in between subforums.

Tomorrow night is Christmas Eve night, and I'll be sipping some egg nog and working more on the forum. I hope to add the left column to the Forum Display page... but dont worry, the threads themselves will NOT see a left column. They will be left alone.

More later...

And wanted to say lostcruz's blog gave me a good category idea... a blog category on just the maintenance history of my bike as I do it. Check out his blog, makes sense and is an awesome idea for anyone needing ideas for their blog.

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