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A weekend of firsts.

Posted 07-29-2008 at 11:19 AM by brisk

Today is my birthday. Happy berfday to me!

To celebrate, I rode my Sporty down to Tacoma from Mill Creek, and then out to Gig Harbor to spend time with family and friends. It was a weekend of firsts for me and the bike -- first time through Seattle on I5, first time on 705 through downtown Tacoma and along the waterfront to Old Town. First time crossing both Narrows bridges. First time leaving it parked with velcro-detachable bags on it at a movie theater (Lakewood 15).

First time to my parents house, first time my parents saw the bike. Actually, I was expecting a much worse reaction than I got. Dad was ambivalent and appreciative. He also thought I wore too much gear (full leathers), as he used to ride in shorts and a t-shirt. LOL. Mom was surprisingly gracious and thought it was a pretty machine -- her only lament was that I didn't have passenger pegs and a second helmet so I couldn't take her for a ride on it. Not at all what I was expecting after seeing the Strang und Durm my brother caught for buying his Ninja despite their wishes.

It was also my first time riding solo on a long trip (not solo vs. 2-up, but solo vs. in a pack). All my longer trips so far have involved others with me, which adds a certain amount of confidence and comfort like a safety blanket. You know that if something goes wrong, there are people there to help you, and you know that when the road gets choppy and you see them make it through ahead of you without a spill, it's really nothing to get worried over. Just be like Wash and be a "leaf on the wind!"

It was also my first time meeting a random other biker, swapping info, and inviting them to pnwriders. Ryan, if you're out there, hi!


P.S. Any readers out there have any grand suggestions on how to keep the bags attached to the bike in a more permanent manner? I don't want to constantly be lugging my luggage with me into every establishment I go to just to prevent the odd chance that the wrong person will come along and swipe it.
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    That's an issue I wondered about for a while with my first bike (before the bags gave out, and I quit carrying them). What I found, oddly enough, was that in general, people leave bikes alone. There are exceptions, of course. If you're that worried about it, you'll need to pony up for hard-mounted bags. It's an HD. There are tons of options out there for them. For easy on/off with security, go with the quick-release system, with locks. Total will run in the neighborhood of $800.

    Oh, and hi. About time you got here.
    Posted 07-29-2008 at 06:34 PM by ckender ckender is offline

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