Diva's Favorite Annual Rides

Posted 06-03-2012 at 09:18 PM by Diva
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This is a list I posted in PNWR Angels and thought it would make a good blog. I've highlighted the women only rides. Had more annual rides, like the one I met my late finace on, but unfortunately it's no longer around. Willing to add more to the list. Hope to see you there for some this year or next.

1/1 Polar Bear Run
Feb Annual Teddy Bear Run 2nd Sunday
March NWBikers End of Winter Run ~Spring Solstice (20-21)

April Microsoft Riders Tulip Ride...
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Roads: New vs. Familiar

Posted 06-03-2012 at 08:28 PM by Diva
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Kind of been blogging about my ride experiences and thought I'd try it on this forum. So welcome to my 1st official PNWR blog. Enjoy!

Thanks to Destination Highways (no this is not an ad for them but they are highly recommended), I’ve had the pleasure of exploring a lot of back roads throughout Western Washington and several in Eastern WA. I have several local favorites, but I yearn to find new roads (well roads new to me) for that since of discovery, the thrill of the unexpected,...
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Oregon: What to do before and after a motorcycle accident

Posted 04-01-2012 at 09:11 AM by caslaw

Those of you who know me know that I am an attorney.

I will follow this with a blog entry about what to do in Washington. In the meantime, while some of the legal information will be different in other states, the basis premise is the same.

DISCLAIMER (you knew there would be one): The information in this blog post is not intended as legal advice and is for informational purposes only.

So here are my tips:

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DH: Volcano Region

Posted 05-27-2010 at 06:22 AM by Gamuru (The Path Less Traveled)

April and I are headed down to the Ape Caves at Mt. St. Helens this coming weekend. If you're not familiar with the Ape Caves:
Mount St. Helens Ape Cave Lava Tube is a popular attraction in the Mount St.
Helens National Monument and the longest lava tube in the continental United
States at over two miles in length. The Ape Caves are located on the south
side of Mount St. Helens and accessed through Woodland - go up highway 503
past Cougar. Driving time from I-5
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Tired Again?!?

Posted 09-17-2009 at 06:59 AM by Gamuru (The Path Less Traveled)

While sitting in Ike's last Friday for dinner with the wife, I noticed what looked like a piece of chewing gum stuck to the rear tire of my scoot. After we finished, I walked out to see what it was. Yeah, not gum... cords. The tire was worn out. You know, the one I just put on in February; just eight short months and barely 11,000 miles ago. Man, that was quick.

I've ordered another one from Cycle Barn in Smokey Point and will keep track of the miles on this tire. If it wears out...
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On the East Side

Posted 09-05-2009 at 07:41 PM by Gamuru (The Path Less Traveled)

My wife and I are spending the holiday weekend at her sister and brother-in-law's place in Odessa. Today, we rode our bikes from Ellensburg to Yakima by way of the Canyon Road. I'll post more on our trip when I return to my own computer but wanted to share a photo with you I took on the way back to their place.

April says she's certain we brought the crappy wet-side weather...
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Posted 07-12-2009 at 11:57 AM by Gamuru (The Path Less Traveled)

A few weekends ago, my wife and I were readying for our trip down to Portland. Wanting to make sure both bikes were prepped for the several-hundred mile round-trip ride, I decided to download and print off—from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's web site—their T-CLOCS inspection checklist (.pdf) for each bike. I then grabbed a pen and clipboard and headed outside to give each bike a thorough safety inspection.

Now, for those of you that are not aware, T-CLOCS is an acronym that stands...
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Voices In My Head

Posted 03-15-2009 at 08:41 AM by Gamuru (The Path Less Traveled)

Do you realize it's been something like ten days since my last post? What the hell have I been doing with my time?!?

Oh, that's right. It snowed. Then froze. That pretty much killed any chance of me riding. Well, up until this last Friday. I think I managed to put about one hundred miles on the odometer. I mostly just went for a cruise around my normal haunts.

I was testing out a new set of helmet speakers the wife purchased for us. She was ordering herself a set...
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