Voices In My Head

Posted 03-15-2009 at 08:41 AM by Gamuru (The Path Less Traveled)

Do you realize it's been something like ten days since my last post? What the hell have I been doing with my time?!?

Oh, that's right. It snowed. Then froze. That pretty much killed any chance of me riding. Well, up until this last Friday. I think I managed to put about one hundred miles on the odometer. I mostly just went for a cruise around my normal haunts.

I was testing out a new set of helmet speakers the wife purchased for us. She was ordering herself a set...
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Holy Sullen Solenoids!

Posted 03-04-2009 at 08:28 AM by Gamuru (The Path Less Traveled)
Updated 03-05-2009 at 08:13 PM by Gamuru

My bike's starter has not been wanting spin up when I hit the starter button on the handlebar. I suspected it was due to a faulty solenoid, but I wanted to make sure before I ordered a replacement. So, yesterday, I wheeled the bike out into the driveway, put the key in and turned it on, hit the starter button and... nothing! Good. Failure meant I could do some diagnosing.

I checked for voltage at the solenoid, then through...
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Tired of all this SH**

Posted 02-09-2009 at 09:05 AM by RR Thumper

So I go in for my second surgery on my wrist and now they are taking out the screw and bone graph that they did in June of Ď08 because itís not taking due to the location of the break. Now almost a year later they are removing everything they did because it not doing a dumb thing for me and healing like they thought it would. So now I have the surgery on the 19th of Feb and get to start all over from the beginning with therapy and healing. At least this time I won't be getting cased, just have to...
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