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Welcome to my blog! I'm committing this space to my adventures with motorcycles and activities related with them. This will include all sorts of stories about repairing them, going on trips, learning different riding techniques, meeting other riders, etc. In other words, a general dumping ground for whatever strikes me. Hope you enjoy the read.

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Bornite Mine Ride

Posted 05-20-2010 at 06:11 AM by Gamuru

April and I went on an expedition to check out the Bornite Mine off of FSR2060 outside of Darrington. We're planning on going back later in the year when the creek levels are much lower. This will make getting to the mineshaft much easier.

I put together a expedition map that has pictures pinned along the route as well as GPS coordinates for various landmarks. You can view the map by going here. You can also view all the photos by visiting the Bornite Mine Ride web album.

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