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Segelson/Finney Creek Sno-Park Ride

Posted 06-14-2010 at 11:55 AM by Gamuru
Updated 06-14-2010 at 12:34 PM by Gamuru

My wife and I took advantage of the sunny weather by hopping on our KLR's for a ride up and over Segelson Pass (I think that's the name of it). We started from Darrington with a lively ride down the pipeline road and then headed north at the power sub-station. After crossing the creek, we made our way up the new logging roads to where they intersected with NFDRd18. From there, it was easy riding up and over...

Our route.

"If I hold real still..."

Our first stop for pictures was just before you head over the top of Segelson Pass. This was looking back towards Fortson at White Horse.

Gratuitous KLR Shot.

I wonder why it's called White Horse.

I wonder if my Honey noticed the big-a$$ mountain to photograph...

From there, we made the top of the pass. There was a tad bit of snow, but nothing on the roadways. On the way down the other side we passed this amazing waterfall. Photo-Op!

After the falls, we continued on making our way for the junction with NFDRd 17 when we got stopped by a rather inpressive rock fall blocking the roadway. No warning; nothing. We parked the bikes and assessed the situation. There appeared to be a single-lane track through the mess, so I offered to ride both bikes through the mess. April was more than happy to let me ride hers through it for her.

After we left, we saw a sign that said, "Road Damage Ahead". A massive understatement, I would say.

It was then that April announced she was hungry. I was, too. I told her I'd start scouting a place to grab some grub. Down the road a stretch, actually quite a ways, we crossed Finney Creek. On the other side was a campground of sorts. We pulled in and had lunch.

Looking back up NFDRd 17. Around the far bend is the spur for 1730.

All full up on lunch, we once again made tracks for the end of 17.

About half way down we came across this nameless waterfall. The whole rock face was covered in small falls. It almost looked like icicles cascading down. Pretty cool!

That was pretty much it for our trip over Segelson Pass. We'll return to check out Washington Falls off 1730 and some of the other sights.

On a side note, we (read: I) decided to head back into Darrington by way of the powerline road. Instead of crossing the bridge from Concrete Sauk Valley Road back over to Hwy530, we continued south on the dirt road then turned south under the powerlines. This road was a blast to ride! (For me, anyway. April was tired by then and in no mood for what was coming next.)

The road down was rocky as hell, then there was a water crossing. Fun times (for me )!

The good news is she said she'd like to go back and spend the day exploring the area, but not at the end of an all-day ride. We'll return.

That's about it. We stopped for dinner at the Mountain View Inn on the Mountain Loop Highway. I recommend the Winston. Two patties with bacon and ham. It's delicious and a great way to curb the hunger from riding all day!

All-in-all, a great day of riding.
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