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Two weeks in the shop

Posted 03-17-2008 at 09:24 AM by LadyGladiator

It's time to get my VROD back. They've held it hostage long enough.... It figures the shop wouldn't carry the parts needed for repairs and have to special order them.

I don't mind riding bitch (2 up) with Paul. The part I do mind is the feeling that my helmet is going to fly apart from him going so fast my whole body shudders and my flesh feels like it's coming off and getting my 455 soaking wet because someone didn't pack the rain gear in his backpack like he said he suggested.

I was so numb last night I could barely move. My pants were so wet I felt like a little kid with wet pants (you know when you see those kids walking with their legs spread out?). I had to peel my layers off. I put on dry stuff and for one second I could feel the warmth of the fabric on my skin. Then, all of a sudden, that fabric felt like ice. I touched it and it was ice cold too. I was frozen to the core. Thank GOD for heated seats in my car. We had to go to the store after getting back from our ride. My 455 was still cold this morning. OH... and since I was passenger I had the pleasure of carrying the backpack.... I'm going to be taking lots of ibuprofen today!!

So, I can't say I do not ride in the rain!!! Just not regularly. I refuse to ride in the rain on purpose. That's Chameleon's department. He told me his hands were so cold he could barely function. I just asked him to get us home safely. Of course he did!
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    Chameleon's Avatar
    It was the day prior that I had suggested packing the rain gear with us to the bike show and stuff.

    I asked you to check about the rain and you did and it looked fine out there and back, but I think that report was just for Tacoma, not Bremerton / Gig Harbor.

    You should have just stayed home... If you had your bike, you wouldn't have gone anyway because you don't ride in the dark / rain.

    My hands were just so cold that my fine motor control was affected, but I could still use them. Throttle / clutch was just a bit harsh.

    You should use "@$$" instead of "455". "455" sounds like a big-block motor.
    Posted 03-17-2008 at 12:14 PM by Chameleon Chameleon is offline
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    Gamuru's Avatar
    I was wondering what a 455 was. That makes sense now.
    Posted 03-17-2008 at 06:40 PM by Gamuru Gamuru is offline
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    LadyGladiator's Avatar
    I'm just weird like that... I like to do things different.

    @$$ looks like some kind of cryptic code!
    Posted 05-19-2008 at 12:47 PM by LadyGladiator LadyGladiator is offline

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