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Hallmark cards

Posted 08-02-2009 at 09:44 AM by Rd Rash 1000cc
Updated 08-02-2009 at 04:00 PM by beansbaxter (No foul language in titles)

Who really enjoys reading cards that come with there gift?

The same shit happens every time.

" to our son, happy birth day" WOO THANKS MOM AND DAD

Now here comes the retarded joke that they're so proud of that they found on a card.
OF course you have to laugh cause its polite to do so. Then you check the envelope thinking "where is the money" You shake the card again to make sure its not hiding somewhere between the piece of paper folded in half.

Who every thought that cards with gifts were a good idea. I would much rather just open the gift because the suspense of waiting to read the card and figure out who signed it is so mundane.

Who really keeps a card after they get it. Not younger kids for sure. We use it as a coaster for our pepsi on the night stand. But i guess you hit that certain age where you want keep the cards so you can remember peoples names

"hey thanks bob and Sandy for the card. Maybe next year you can get me a mantle to set it on"
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    Blog title changed - no foul language is allowed in thread or blog titles.
    Posted 08-02-2009 at 04:01 PM by beansbaxter beansbaxter is offline
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    Originally Posted by beansbaxter View Comment
    Blog title changed - no foul language is allowed in thread or blog titles.

    Can you atleast change it to F hallmark cards, or Screw hallmark cards. Kind of takes the point out of it.
    Posted 08-02-2009 at 08:06 PM by Rd Rash 1000cc Rd Rash 1000cc is offline

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