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Women are lucky when they gain weight

Posted 11-27-2009 at 08:10 PM by Rd Rash 1000cc

Women have it lucky. When they gain weight it goes to there boobs and ass. So in moderation its not really bad.

Can you imagine how cool would it be to gain weight in your dick.

It would be like HMM not sure if i should have this 2nd beer...since its all just go to my dick

I bet women would be more willing tio bring us a beer. Shit though this would ruin the industry. Alcoholics would be the porn stars. And no one wants to see a porno with the male black out drunk or puking.
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    jdpesz's Avatar
    Well, if your dick is where your brains are.........
    Posted 11-28-2009 at 05:54 AM by jdpesz jdpesz is offline
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    Rd Rash 1000cc's Avatar
    if my dick is where my brain is, then that means i enjoy showing off my knowledge
    Posted 11-28-2009 at 11:43 AM by Rd Rash 1000cc Rd Rash 1000cc is offline
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    cascaderider's Avatar
    No offense, but this is retarded.
    Posted 12-07-2009 at 11:01 PM by cascaderider cascaderider is offline
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    Rd Rash 1000cc's Avatar
    Damnit I cant get mad cause he said No offence. How the fuck doesnt that work. If hitler only said " hey dirty jews, no offence but im going to kill you now" this world would be a better place.
    Posted 12-11-2009 at 05:05 PM by Rd Rash 1000cc Rd Rash 1000cc is offline

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