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WMRRA Round 4 - #650

Posted 06-22-2009 at 09:23 AM by TaurusRacing

WMRRA Round 4 – Pacific Raceway and Adrenaline Freaks Track Day – June 12-14

Race results:
650SS – 3rd. I could get used to this. Love getting on the podium.
MWGPTwins – 6th. This is one tough class! Wondering if I should switch it up and race LWSBK instead???
600TFS – 4th. Just missed a podium. Those inline 4 guys better watch out for the SV train!

Wow, the weather held together for another beautiful race weekend. It was another incredible race weekend…especially dicing it up with my race teammate, Chris Fratini. I haven't looked up Webster’s dictionary definition of a teammate but I am guessing Fratini lost the translation when he came over from the states. LOL. More on this later.

Out of everything that took place this weekend I am so glad that my other teammates Kevin Klemmer and Randy Bailey came out fairly unscathed with their early crashes. I had some stickers made up for the team in memorial to Kurt Hustead who recently passed in a tragic murder. I never met Kurt but this sure has hit me hard. Kurt rest in peace.

Thursday I picked up my bike from my new sponsor, Speed Dealer Motors and Dave Lanigan. Dave is great to work with and is incredibly helpful. I had my motor refreshed with some stock 1mm over pistons that I obtained when I bought my race bike a few years ago. Guess these are rare so I was pleased to have them in my possession. Sure does make a nice difference and feels very strong. Bike really needed this refresh as I had quite a bit of blow by which was dirtying the oil after one day of ridding.

Adrenaline Freaks Track Day – Friday
I wasn’t as prepared as usual when I showed up but was ready to try the new motor. I love having an AF track day the day before race weekend. I am able to shake off the fuzz and dial in the bike some and not waste time during Saturday practices. I wasn’t turning very good lap times but was right at 1:40 so I thought it won’t be hard to get back to race pace on Saturday. Unfortunately on the first session of the day Kevin wadded his 600 into T8. As most people know that isn't a corner to go down in. Thankfully he came out fairly well. A few bangs and bruises but his bike is worse off and he decided not to race over the weekend. On the last session of the day Randy decided to push it some and unfortunately waded his bike in T7. Randy desperately tried to get it back running for the weekend but decided it wasn’t worth it. I am just happy my bros are safe.

WMRRA Saturday
The practice sessions went well but I still couldn’t seem to get below 1:39s. Again, I figured that once the races started I would kick it up a notch.

650SS – Note to self…a new motor changes my starts! I thought I was doing my normal good start but decided to point the nose skyward, TWICE off the line. Well, this means that I got a very rotten start and was going to have to work a little. I came into T2 in 3rd behind Finken and a very good rider from Oregon. Brian Jeffries was right behind…and not for long. Brian got me early on the first lap and I just decided to stay with him, not realizing that Finken and his new friend would check out and have their own little battle. Brian gradually started to gap me as I got into a rhythm. About mid-race I started to have a battle with Fratini. Chris is much better on the brakes so he would catch me on many of the corners. Now, I thought teammates would battle but help each other in some situations. Well, Chris pulled a Fratini (again) and almost t-boned me into the busstop. Honestly scared the crap out of me. I think it did the same to Chris. Well after that we had a safer but close race. Chris got me on the last lap into T9 but knew I could get him on the straight…and I did. I waved to Chris on the way by. I was pleased to have finished 3rd after Finken tucked the front going into the busstop. I want to also note that Todd Sparrow had unfortunately dumped it going into T5 and was out for the weekend. I am glad he’s ok.

WMRRA Sunday
I always seem to take a different attitude on Sunday since I am not as competitive and I know I will have a tougher time getting a podium.

MWGPTwins – Pretty decent grid size as I believe we had about 15 there. I was gridded second row and really concentrated on getting a better start. I did, and went into T2 in fourth. I was also able to stay with the leaders for a lap before they started to gap me. I knew I would have some racing with other SVs. Fratini didn’t disappoint and we had a repeat of the 650ss race. On the way down to the line I decided not to wave and just let Chris know I thought he was number 1. This was a ton of fun and is actually why I race! I finished strong and got back down into the 1:38s.

600TFS – I came into this race focusing on staying up with some of the inline 4s that seem to kick our butts. I got a good start and hung out behind everyone’s friend (enter ass kissing icon) referee, Phil Cook. He was looking good and was only able to stay with him for a bit till he and Josh Ellingson checked out. I looked back about mid-race and realized there wasn’t anyone very close and got into my head that I might even podium! Unfortunately on the last lap I got motored by and ended up taking 4th. Not bad but wasn’t as exciting as when Fratini and I swapped some paint. I was happy that I did match my personal lap record of 1:38.3. So I am looking to touch the 37s by next PR round.

I want to give a shout out to Kenny Branson from McKinstry Company for helping me out when I needed some welding repairs to the bike. Kenny showed up for the first time to watch WMRRA racing! Also, it was nice to see Brian from MorePower Racing come out and see us sporting the sponsor logos.

Always a big thanks to my sponsors:
Bridgestone Tires - Troy McCrae of Pennell Powersports
Speed Dealer – Dave Lanigan
Motorex USA
Adrenaline Freaks Track Days
MorePower Racing
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