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Joined: Jul 2005
From: Barrigada

I Ride: a fun one
Majors sure was fun last night! Most likely I will be riding my 650 to roundtable next week, so I can fit in with all you guys!

I saw two KTM supermoto bikes in the lot at majors, who rides those? they were sooooo Sweet!!!

See everyone next Wednesday!


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Peg Dragger
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Joined: Jun 2005
From: Kennewick

I Ride: in my Evo IX MR :]
thats kneedraggirl/heather and her husbands i believe

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Super Duchess
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Joined: Sep 2005
From: Where the Columbia and the Snake colide

I Ride: Like a Cowgirl!!........Oh, you mean what bike? Umm....a 2007 KTM SuperDuke 990 in orange(finally recieved my dream bike)
Good to see that the turn-out is getting better!
Yeah, those KTM's are mine and NeeDragger's! So incredibly fun!

Nah nah nah nah nah...I got to see Zack's bike today!
He really does have one! Not to mention....his aplinestar suit looks fantastic. Will be broken in soon, we hope!


PS...thanks to every one who showed up on Wed...good to see ya. Next wednesday it is! PIZZA!!!

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