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Sorry to hear about the car. I always liked 944s. If you decide to part it, I have a friend that would probably take the rear control arms and brakes...

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“ Quote:
Originally Posted by ducatichick View Post
Glad you are OK!! Sorry for your loss of a cool car.

Seems VW/Porsche have issues with catching fire - my husband lost a 412 and a boyfriend from 20 years ago lost his 914. My 2 VWs survived my abuse, however.

My mom lost her early 90's Camry to fire - a mouse had built a nest in the heater ducts. Apparently it's quite common for Toyotas....anyhow, she was driving to work one early morning (in NH) and smoke came out of the vents - then flames - then she bailed out. The fire happened so quickly and was so hot it melted her aluminum snow shovel in the trunk. She misses that shovel.
I would not say that 914s or 944s or even the 911s specifically have issues "with catching fire" but rather that the 20-30+ year old fuel lines get neglected and of course don't last forever. Generally on the 944 the fuel rail lines are a huge huge culprit and if not replaced are an imminent death of the car. Likewise the 914 has lines that are rubber fuel lines on the original EFI system it has for each injector and tend to crack due to the way they are installed with clamps, not to mention they're exposed to the heat of the engine, so over time they split and eventually fail and go up in flames. That's not so much a problem with the car, as it is rather negligence of preventative maintenance. A rubber line is a couple of bucks and takes a couple of minutes to install, so it's really worth the time to replace them.

One could argue that perhaps "that's a design flaw" but realistically, after 20+ years, I'd /want/ to make sure my fuel lines are in good shape on any car I buy. First thing I do anytime I buy an old Porsche is fuel lines, brake lines and grounds, every time. I can't tell you how many examples I've run into where the car "had paperwork dating back to original ownership" but the owner didn't want to be preventative, they just replaced what broke or wasn't working and didn't want to spend the extra time on being cautious. So you can't always trust someone who has a 2 inch thick stack of paperwork on a car.

In this case though he had pretty new lines. Those lindseyracing lines aren't bad lines, so that is super frustrating. That's the crap part is that this is a freak issue since he was preventative had good lines, and shit happened :( sucks.

Either way agreed, it is very good that everyone was ok! Cars can be replaced, your life cannot. Although it's sad when you lose your baby, those cars are a crap ton of fun to drive around (although not so much to replace the clutch but we won't go there).

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