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From: Central Wa

I Ride: 1975 CB360t
On Any Sunday
I just saw On Any Sunday... What a classic movie. A great movie for this time of year.
Also, I went for a ride through the canyon on Superbowl Sunday. Except for the frosty spots, it felt great to get out there. It had been too long since my last ride.
Looking forward to some coffee nights, and maybe some group rides.

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Human Race Qualifier
FREE and clean
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From: soap lake wa.

I Ride: 00kaw12r, 97 tls1000, 96gsxr1260 turbo freakshow, kz1300gt, 88gsxr1100, 86gsxr750, 82gsx1100ez, 79kz1300, 75 ducati750gts, 72 gt550 cafe
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope to met ya and see my other EBRG friends SOOOooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FREE and clean, Ripp'n

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I Ride: 96 CBR900RR, 04 GSXR-600, 97 TL1000S
Haha!! What a random post!! Ive been on two wheels only for the past 2 weeks .. my transmission in my car took a dump and ive been taking my sweet time fixing it. And then I took a dump on my CBR600 and my ankle got caught in the chain so I didn't feel like working in the garage for a few days.

Anyway. .. what i'm saying is i'm down for coffee if you guys are out riding already! What day is good for you?

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