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“ Quote:
Originally Posted by Guff View Post
and is clearly loved by all on the forum who had the pleasure to chat with him...that's what I would call a class act. R.I.P.

Absolutely. A great guy lost, and will be missed.

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Rode with Mike once great Guy. I remember following him thinking to myself this Guy can really ride. stopped and had lunch with him and his wife. Classy Guy.


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Pit Crew
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Went on a 400 mi+ cascade loop ride with him and a couple other fellas a few years back. Very memorable and pleasant human being.

Cascade Loop - Saturday Sept 13th

Very saddened to hear this news. My heart goes out to everyone affected.

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Rip brother!!! And thank you for your service!!! The good ones are always the first to go. God be with your family!!!!!

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I met him a few times and he was always a lively person and knew how to push buttons, but when push came to shove he did his country and family proud.

My condolences to his family.. It's days like this where I just want to stop what I'm doing and hug my family for long periods.

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Knee Dragger
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My dear PNW family,

Thank you for all the wonderful words about Mike. He would be humbled and honored by the esteem with which you held him. He loved riding, with a fierce, passionate joy - that I shared when riding 2-up with him. He loved this community and riding with you.

It's hard to understand this loss. I am just grateful that I knew him. He brightened my life in uncountable ways. We had a true love.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me. A deeply heartfelt thank you to Mike (Buz), Brad, and Mark for coming to get me and drive me home from Oregon.

I will post up details about the service when I know them. At this point, I have been told that it will tentatively be on the 12th, but that is very tentative. It will be held at Bangor.

I have spoken to Mike's mom and the master chief, and both say that the motorcycle community will be welcome. Mike's mom said that she wants his son to meet some of the people that he worked with and the friends he rode with.



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Chicken Strips
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What a sad day indeed to hear this news. I am humbled to have met Mike however only had the great chance to have his company while riding a couple of times. I feel great sorrow for his family. Rest in peace Mike.
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I have written so many different posts and then started over....I've decided that I am at such a loss I don't know what to say. Mike was one of those "one of a kind" men. He had so many great qualities on so many levels. I am proud to have known and ridden with him. I am so very sorry to his family and many loved ones for your loss. Right now i'm sitting here recovering from my second bad wreck with broken legs and ankles,I have been spared twice now,for what reason I am unsure.I know what my family has had to go through with all the what if's,......and you are there. I so wish he was safe at home mending. I am so incredibly sorry and sickened by his loss.
I'm convinced Mike quite possibly saved my life on a ride home from Cougar once. It was a horrible rainy day that we shouldn't even been riding. I had already had a flat back tire at Cougar he helped me with. We had decided to take the freeway home because the weather was so bad. My bike was handling really bad and I thought it was the bad rain.....Mike pulled up to me with a frantic look and pointed at my front tire and the next exit. My front tire was half flat,and anyone who rides knows how bad it is to lose a front tire .It could have had been my last ride,as the freeway was packed. I'll never forget that day or any of the other rides that he lead,truly a great man that will be missed terribly, I'm so sorry,Love,Denise

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Mothereffer. Met up with Mike a few times... great guy. What a tragedy. The risks we take are great. God be with everyone out there :(

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Mike was one of the first riding buddies I met after moving back to Washington in 2008, and showed me some very gorgeous rides around Kitsap. I will never forget his goofiness and selflessness, always smiling and cracking jokes. He once took "my" ferry home to follow me to make sure I made it safely in the middle of the night, then rode halfway across the peninsula to get back to his place in the freezing cold. On one ride he wanted to swap his hyper for my hayabusa to relive some old memories, and I was the one that chickened out, as I didn't want to be responsible for his bike! I told him he could pick mine up any time to go for a ride, but that he'd have to wear my pink gear, to which he agreed without even missing a beat! Sadly I moved away before that day...and he even lent me his trailer to help with the move. Always generous, and always looked out for me like a big brother.

I'll bring you with me on all future rides Mike - you'll never be forgotten.

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Chicken Strips
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I won't comment on Mike at this time (Too soon for me) but I will say my prayers go out to Candiya, Brad, Mike & Mark. Being at that scene or making or receiving the phone call had to be their toughest moment of their lives. This is a tight, close knit group and my heart is absolutely broken for them right now.

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Crazy Bad Ass BITCH
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Great sadness...

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R.I.P. brother Ride in peace forever

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RIP Mike. Very sad. My condolences to his family.

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Man, it really hurts to read about these kinds of things happening to fellow riders. I didn't know Mike, but I want to say thank you for serving our country, and may you RIP brother, you're in all of our hearts, minds and prayers. My condolences to your family and all of those people you've made a difference to.

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Ninja Master
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This is such hard news to take in. I still remember him giving me advice on a long ride a few years back. The few times I have had the pleasure to talk to him just showed how great of a guy he was. You will be missed mike. Rest in peace man.

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Admit or Deny!?!?
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May he rest in peace. Condolences to his family.

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Honda Rider
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I'm not even sure if I've posted about this or not. I did the initial report when we found out about this. I'm not even at his command, but I knew how to take care of it. As I went through everything with entering data and making phone calls the only thing I thought was, "why does this name sound so familiar?" It didn't even click until I got on here! I haven't seen Mike since I've been back (moved away 2010 and just got back in June). Holy crap! It is so unfortunate. What a terrible loss; he was definitely on a higher level than most. Mike was always willing to help anyone.
RIP bro... Ride safe up there!

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THIS SUCKS! Still a shock!
I just wanted to share a little bit about my experience knowing Mike, what a stand up guy
I was scared- to say the least to join up with a group of riders, all strangers, me- a NEW rider...but Mike immediately made me feel welcome and most importantly- safe and comfortable. I felt like I'd be a burden; always trailing behind, needing to fill up, how do I check the air in my tires?! Shaking his head, rolling his eyes, yet followed by a reassuring smirkish smile ...he remained patient & kind as I learned the ropes. He was a natural leader, and a phenomonel rider My experience as a new rider was greatly enhanced thanks to him and I'll be forever grateful. Kitsap riding already isn't the same w/out him. He was THAT guy that'd be on his bike in the snow, and I'll no doubt still be on the lookout for him. To Mike's family, Son, Candiya- I pray that you can find comfort in this time of great loss. If there's anything I can do, just say the word. Candiya-You got my # don't hesitate to use it!

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