PNW Riders Motorcycle Awareness Campaign - Look Twice For Bikes


Look Twice For Bikes - Motorcycle Awareness Campaign


‘Look Twice For Bikes’ was created in 2007 to raise Motorcycle Awareness among drivers and riders, and to honor fallen riders that did everything right and still paid the highest price.

We ask the driving public to be aware of two-wheeled vehicles. Be aware that we are small and can often appear where and when you may not expect us.

We urge you to keep us in mind as you merge into traffic, make left hand turns at intersections, and steer quickly into the next lane. Because, we may be there, where you were only looking for cars. Look twice before you pull out … and then look again just to be sure.

And, please, wait until you park to have your cell-phone conversation. All too often it leads to tragic accidents that could have been altogether avoided.

And for fellow riders: check your bike before each ride, wear gear at all times, always search and evaluate your surroundings, assume you can't be seen. It all might save your life and others.


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‘Look Twice For Bikes’ Stickers Available

Please help us spread the word – bumper stickers are available.

Contact: looktwiceforbikes at gmail dot com

Look Twice For Bikes - Motorcycle Awareness Campaign

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