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I Ride: 06 CBR600RR (mine) / 88 CBR600F (hers)
I lane split today. Came up to an intersection where traffic goes from 3 lanes to 2. Lots of dildos get into the right lane to try and race up and avoid the 1/4 mile long line of cars. There was about 7 cars in the right lane; one of which was a verified blue hair in a cutless ciera. Knowing that this would lead to more traffic jammage, I toodled up in the bicycle lane like I was going to turn right, then nailed the gas as the light turned green and got some asshole frijole-mobile trying to run me off the road... obviously a lowered silverado on 24" spinnnerrzzzz wasn't much. I got to work 5 minutes earlier than usual!

I'm writing up a letter to the state reps as we speak. I never understood the plight until today.

I didn't read through the whole thread, but I know here in Oregon, Atkinson has been at all the ORV rallies; he's on our side. Wouldn't hurt to see where he stands on street ridden scoots.

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so hows this coming along

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Nothing much apart from the Crickets?

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Keep up the great work 7am and everyone else we need it...

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