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R.I.P. -Gary Jaehne (from BARF forum)

Bay area racer/instructor/riding legend Gary Jaehne passed on 05/19/2012. I can't imagine anyone that has ridden Hwy 9, Pescadero or any of the bay area backroads for any length of time that hasn't met, heard, ridden w/ or chatted w/ Gary at one time or another. Very nice guy. I remember Gary doing many "Doc Wong" rides as well as leading some of his own. I have both of his books on riding and his advice to take it just a little bit easier in right hand corners has stuck w/ me to this day. He is the last person I ever thought this would happen too as he was an accomplished racer and mentor to many riders. I liked that he preferred the small green ninja 250 over his larger rides for the twisties. He rode in all weather, wet or dry. Turns out he really didn't need the larger bike anyway. kept most riders behind him w/ only 250 c.c.s.. much to MANY riders amazement.

You will be missed. Ride in peace.

I know there are a few riders that are on this forum that have met and ridden w/ Gary at one time or another. Just thought i would pass this along. I didn't know Gary very well, but i would always try to get him to ride my RD to get rid of the chicken strips on my new tires! hahah.

The time i remember most (years ago) was him on the ninja 250 leading, my friend Steve G. on the CB160 (scraping knee on that little thing) and me trying to keep them in sight. Two AFM riders and one poser...rubber band effect is full swing heading down the back side of 9.

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I didn't know him, but as you guys said he was very very well respected.

lowsided over a cliff of some sort.
sounds like thousands and thousand of miles of experience, and a very classy gentleman.

RIP gary.

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I had the pleasure of knowing Gary from my brief AFM racing career in the mid to late 90's. We were racing together in the open Superbike class. I had my GSXR 1100 and he was riding a ZX9. I always got him on the start and usually had him on the end of a straight, but that was all I could do. Back then I didn't have the confidence to learn from him, but I think in some way he gleaned some knowledge to me. I had my mentors in Dave Stanton and a fellow ol school racer named Derrick Powell and didn't have the opportunity to talk to Gary much way back then but I did run into him up at Alice's just a couple years ago and funny thing........ He actually remembered me from so long ago from the AFM races. We had a couple minutes of memory filled moments and shook hands and parted ways. He headed down 9 and I shot down 35. He grew into a very knowledgable and helpful rider and I appreciate now the brief battles we had at the track and the words we had off the track. I never tear up , but this has brought a tear to my eye.

Godspeed Gary

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Gary Jaehne - Deer Hunter
I rode thousands of miles with Gary Jaehne and I was lucky enough to start riding with him when I first started riding a motorcycle. I feel very fortunate because I became a great rider because of him and he was such a fun awesome person to ride with.

He was a awesome mentor and I quickly progressed from a slow poke to the front of the pack.

I remember one ride where it was storming and raining so bad that we were the only 2 to show up at the BP station. When we started heading up 9 the road was flooding and water was rushing over the road carrying massive piles of rocks with it. He looked at me and said "maybe we should go home". I charged off continuing on and quickly got my F3 stuck in the water. Gary had to come in and start scooping the rocks from underneath the wheels so that I could get out. I managed to get across the water almost crashing because of the rocks that were coming at me from the side and he being competitive had to follow me on his CB1 thru the water. I remember the road crew looking at us like we were nuts. We were nuts :O) We rode the rest of the day in the worst weather and it was such a fun ride. I remember it to this day. I could go on for pages about the rides we went on.

Hwy 9 will never be the same without you. Thank you for the many memories! God speed "Deer Hunter".

Shawn McCormick-Cismar

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