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I Ride: '06 KLR 685 with a kick, '99 Viffer: Mary Shelley edition, '81 GL:MSC
i have the lever from an older CBR to make this happen on the viffer, but i have yet to drill the peg hanger to install it. perhaps one day i'll get around to it.

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Peg Dragger
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Do it! It is super awesome.

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“ Quote:
Originally Posted by Karburized View Post
Meh it's alright. It's not some giant revelation people make it out to be.
Burn the heretic!!!

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I Ride: fast, except on the road.
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Originally Posted by ZREX MIKE View Post
I was fortunate that my only big "wrong" shift resulted in a snapped chain and some plastic body damage. Accelerating out of turn 4 at Pacific and grabbing 1st gear instead of 3rd........................................OUCH!!
Could be even more expensive on a Duc or other bike depending on how hard you zing it!? I prefer standard because I ride a lot of dirt bikes and don't want to make a mistake.

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I have standard on the FJR, and GP on the R1. I go back and forth between bikes quite often. It's no more difficult than swapping between an automatic sedan, and a 4-speed truck. Perhaps a little mental preparation just before rolling out.
The local experts (aka everyone at Starbucks) think it's a bad idea to have to deal with both. "What if you're in a panic situation and miss a shift?" Well, I guess I'll find out when it happens. So far, my panic situations have never involved shifting gears. it's been either a hell of a lot of throttle, or a fist full of brakes...+cussing and a prayer.

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