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“ Quote:
Originally Posted by nsrg500 View Post
Take it all the time.
I have after market mirrors so that's out.
Most of my bikes don't have rear seats/helmet locks so that's out.
I clip my key to the chin skirt so I don't have to dig it out on my pocket.
Store gloves, shades, Phone and smokes in it, makes a great manly Purse.

Just take it with you and it's one less thing to worry about.

I clip my keys to the D-rings on the chin strap, toss my gloves into the lid, as well as my work phone when I'm on-call. Also works to carry beer to the register when I stop off at the store on my way home. Holds two 24oz bottles comfortably.

I've got a big head. So what?

I've also always got a camera attached to it, so there's no way I'm leaving my $500 helmet and a $300 camera sitting around where I can't see it.

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I occasionally leave it on the seat if it's a pretty safe place, otherwise I lock it up in a saddlebag or if those are full ill use a helmet lock. Much prefer stuffing it in a saddlebag as its about as safe as it gets.

Generally If there are a lot of bikers around I feel safe to leave it but if there's gonna be the possibility of tweakers or crackheads I'll stash/lock it.

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Its my fucking helmet! Its comes with me everywhere that isn't my house.

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Like most people said just take it with you. Occasionally i will lock the helmet to the bike like in the video. But I wouldnt leave my helmet like this overnight, if im going in to a restaurant to eat or stopping at the park for a bit ill trust it. But i still like to be able to see the bike and helmet.

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There is only one way to keep it for sure; Take it with you, less expensive/stressful in the long-run...AJ ff

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Always take mine inside with me. I NEVER set it on the seat. It's too EZ to get knocked off. I set it on the deck. Sitting it on Asphalt is way better than it landing on asphalt!

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