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Be careful for a few laps after you first put them on.

If you are changing brands, or going from a completely worn tire to brand-new, tires will change your suspension a bit, and the feel of your bike.

For some additional info, check out some of the videos under "". They have some GREAT video on how bike suspension works along with advice on how suspension changes with new tires and tire changes. Might be more than you want to know.

Last, ALWAYS check your pressures when you get them back from the track dealer--most trackside dealers do not set correct pressures for you, and leave them at 40 or so psi for you to bleed to correct pressures.

This also means you absolutely need to have a good gauge.

Best of luck, you've got a great tire.

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I love tire threads!

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“ Quote:
Originally Posted by real fast travis View Post
i love tire threads!

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Originally Posted by Avboden View Post
I haven't run Q2s but I ran the original qualifiers right out of the box at a track day.....absolutely awesome. I LOVE riding on new tires.
Yes you have. Keith Code starts out his S1Ks on the first day of class with brand new Q2s. Just peel the stickers off after mounted, and off you go.
Remember now?

I run Q2s on my S1K all the time - track days or street and like them a lot.

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I like them. Worked just fine right out of the box for me. Ran 1'17"s at PIR on them. Great track day tire, probably would make a great performance street tire.

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the comment about the pressure gauge is a good one. Last time I did a track day, we checked 3 different gauges and they all read different. Only one of the 3 matched Tom Young's (Pirelli reseller) reference gauge, and the others were off by 2-4lbs.

Have your tire tech check your gauge against his for reference.

It's important also to note that setting pressures prior to your first session may not translate to your 3rd - if the ambient temp comes up by 10-15F, or if your pace increases significantly you may find the hot pressures are way off. I'd generally recommend checking them in the AM and then again later (but not necessarily every session).

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I run about 30f/29r and they have been great for me. I am light on a liter bike. Got those pressures from whoever was selling Dunlops with 2fast at the time. Thought it was KFG, but could have been the other vendor.

On a new set I feel solid after half a lap and can push pretty hard after 2. Though I think they're probably fine after 1 and I'm just conservative.

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