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Welcome back Jim.

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I'm really glad your bike didn't sell. Glad to see you're riding again.

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Glad to hear you didn't sell the bike. Welcome back to the fold.

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Welcome back. If your head isn't in it, best to take a breather and have the desire to return than to push through it and hate riding (at least for me). The car is a chore, I never want my bike to be one.

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right on jim. going out on the boat is almost as good.

my older bro was recently in a car wreck that scared him thinking he would be dead if the same occured when he was on his bike.

so he sold his bike. and has been borrowing mine. this gets me out on my boat more.

he is now lookin to replace the bike. im trying to talk him into a hypermotard!

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Thank You;
I would like to thank everyone who posted. I am over whelmed with the good will. Thank You all Very Much...AJ

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Sept. has been a bad month in my community for a few years now. This is the first year in a few that we haven't had a close member of our community killed in this month. It sucks doing a memorial ride every weekend. But for each of these riders, we went on a memorial ride when they passed, and every year on their anniversary since. I have had a few friends talk about quitting riding because of the losses, but in the end it only makes it worse.

If you are anything like most riders I know, riding is in our blood. It isn't a hobby, it is what we do. We live, breath, eat and sleep motorcycles. We go to work, so we can afford to keep our bikes in pristine condition. Live 2 ride, Ride to live. You take the bike from the rider you are still left with a rider. And a bikeless rider is a depressed rider. Riding is a way of life, and the best form of therapy one could ever have (a quote from my ex therapist).

Glad you changed your mind before you had to find a new bike

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Maybe you should get a Mt Bike and start doing some short loops ,If you do not ride already.Low impact and lots of fun.And lots of stretching.
Good luck and I hope you feel better

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“ Quote:
Originally Posted by Jims08Z06 View Post
With the loss of members then my former neighbor and the son of a classmate. I gave up riding, put the bike in the classifies and Thank God no-one bought it. Misery finally gave way to WTF I never planned on dying in a Nursing Home anyway, and uncovered the bike and rode today. There is no greater way to lift one's spirits than riding. What a special day riding up to St Helen's. Stopped at River dale Raceway and made 5 passes down the eighth mile. Good or not? (always ran the quarter) turned 6.991 @ 111.39 with the front wheel in the air through 3rd gear. Had a most enjoyable ride back home on the west side hwy. Going to close the bike sale ad. Conclusion, I would rather go enjoying myself, than sit around like this last six weeks miserable. PS and thanks for the advice from the folks on stretching exercises prior to riding, still sore but much better...AJ
Good to see you've snapped out of it. Every now and then I wonder if I am to old for this ... nah. Ride safe.

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