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Pit Crew
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Joined: Apr 2011
From: Seattle,WA

I Ride: 2004 Yamaha FZ1

Friend's uncle had a old 1993? that was dropped MANY times, abused etc, started on first kick when warmed, 2nd or 3rd kick stone cold.

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From: Ole' Tacoma

I Ride: Sertão
BMW airheads .. simple and rugged

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Joined: May 2008
From: Bremerton WA

I Ride: V-Strom 650; Burgman 650 Executive, BMW R1200RT
I have had several BMW's, Honda's, and some others. I would have to think that of all of them the V-Strom DL650 is the best for going forever with just the love of riding. I like the others including my scooters but the Wee is rock solid for paved and touring, rougher riding such as some trail and logging/mining roads, and even works good when you need to do some travel with snow and such.

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From: Felida , WA

I Ride: 09 Concours, 00 ZX-12R
“ Quote:
Originally Posted by PeteN95 View Post
Yes, you are and we're sure you didn't earn that screen name while riding it!?

No he got the name from his girlfriend for having a quick Willy.
LoL...One response I have received from "Whats your screen name??" was...."your poor wife"

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Chicken Strips
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From: Shelton, WA (little Arkansas)

I Ride: the little green bitch
I'd have to go with the Honda XR650L. The platform really hasn't changed since it came out in 1996. This model doesn't keep building with the latest technology. It's solid, it works, seldom breaks, why change it. If you need parts you have 16 years of parts that will pretty much just bolt on. I don't believe the engine has changed at all. Honda has the CRF line that they can keep on the cutting edge. I view The XRL like a good tool. Next years shovel looks and work like last years shovel because it's a proven design.

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