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9:42PM EST November 5. 2012 - Suzuki says it's getting out of the car business in the U.S.

American Suzuki Motor says it will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization and focus on selling motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and outboard engines for boats even as it leaves the car business behind, the Associated Press says. It adds that the filing is unrelated to Japan's Suzuki.

In recent years, Suzuki tried to blend the design cues of its motorcycles in its cars, like the well-regarded Kizashi midsize sedan. But its marketing lacked the muscle of bigger, stronger brands, pushing it to the margins.

Suzuki sold 21,188 vehicles so far this year, down 4.7% from a year ago, according to Autodata. Its big seller was the SX4 crossover, accounting for about two-thirds of its sales for the year through October.

No word yet on the fate of Suzuki dealers or the timetable on American Suzuki's departure from the car business.
Design cues of its motorcycles in its cars did not do any good. I wonder why

Kawi would have better effect in design cues.

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Originally Posted by dcdeuce View Post
The company as a whole filed, its not possible to declare 'part' of your company bankrupt and keep the rest LOL. A chapter 11 is restructuring hence how they're able to save the MC division since they're all under the same company.

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