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OT: Anyone have any connections with a SprintPCS store?
Spokane sucks. The Seattle market has a Sprint phone I want, but I've called damn near every store over there and no one carries the phone I want. It is available via online and over the phone, but I have to purchase it at a Sprint PCS store in order to qualify for the instant rebate I am due.

Does anyone have any friends or anyone that can help me get the phone I want. I want the Sprint PPC-6700 phone...grrrrrr

Cash in hand, ready to buy too.

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of Oats
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Hum, I have a friend that works in that department...Let me check with him or see if he has any ideas!

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If you can find that phone in the north end of Seattle somewhere by online searching or whatever I'll go get it and post it to ya Daniel.
I honestly can't recomend any Sprint dealer over another - that's the cell service I have myself, and IMHO their customer support blows big time.
But find the phone, and I'll get it to ya.
Lemme know, ~B~.

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