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From: Spokane, WA

I Ride: Ninja 250
Greetings from the NW side of Spokane
Hello to all here! I have been lurking a bit here getting familiar with the PNWR forums and seeing all the great info and pix. Earlier this spring I purchased a Ninja 250 for the purpose of learning (again) how to properly ride a bike after taking the MSC out at Westside motorsports. I previously rode a GS700 back in the 80's, and had a V-Star back in 2003-04.

My main reason for getting back into the sport was to have a challenging activity that I could call my own, since no one will let me use my boat alone...haha. So far it has been rather exhilarating riding the back roads around the area out west, to Hangman Valley, and up north past 5 mile prairie, as well as getting used to dealing with city traffic. I even managed to knock out a few night rides after traffic thinned out but before the majority of drunks headed home. I have already put a lot of the MSC training to use at one time or another so that has truly come in handy.

I am hoping to make at least one Hooters get together before the weather turns as it would be great to see some riders and their bikes just hanging out.

Until then I will continue to strive to become a better rider each time out while keeping two on the road, so if you see someone on the north side in a red, black and white Scorpion helmet & jacket then it could very well be me.

- Nick

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Track School Dazed
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I Ride: When I can
Welcome Nick!

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From: Muk, WA
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I Ride: fast, except on the road.

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From: spokane, wa

I Ride: 2013 Gasgas 300xc w/lic plate + 1985 RZ350 + 2010 YZ250F +

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Chicken Strips
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I Ride: APE
TOTALLY awesome.

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From: Spokane, WA

I Ride: 91 CBR600F2 - project; 13 Triumph Daytona 675R - rider
Welcome! I'm on the NW side of Spokane myself, and just started riding this year after the class @ Westside. I ride a CBR250R for now. I'm Indian Trail neighborhood. If you ever want to go for a ride on a nice day, let me know. I wear a black AGV helmet with a mirrored visor and black leather jacket. Bike is black on black.

Welcome to the fun, and ride safe!

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