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I Ride: GS1150 Rat bike, NSR(G)500cc two stroke,CBR 900rr, 00 VFR800f
I think EVERY one reading this thread should know.
"FUN" IS ILLEGAL in Washington State and most others too!! It's also against the law for dogs to fun!!!

Now carry on....

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Picture Whore
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I Ride: Aprilia Factory, 525SMR, DRZ400sm, and a gaggle of others
“ Quote:
Originally Posted by Grantizzle View Post
your dog is fucking rad.

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bigger rear,and or smaller ft.sprockets changes the ratio.It takes away top end speed
but adds throttle control and adds h.p. and torque for wheelies,hill climb,race ect.
read these coments, wheelie at idle tips

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