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glad you made it through that corner.

Last time I was up that way a guy didn't make that corner, despite Lena warning his group about the corner when we were all stopped at ripplebrook.

We stopped and I got the guy patched up (clean towel and duck tape on his knee)

I told them when they came up on my slow ass, I'd wave them by, which I did.

I recall that at Detroit the guy was feeling the hurt and Lena gave him all of her ibuprofen.

nasty corner, and on that road, I always wave folks by. I also wait for the long strait to pass folks that don't feel inclined to wave me by.

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“ Quote:
Originally Posted by Quicklimegirl View Post

In fact, I have zero desire to own any Ducati, or any V-twin. The main reason is engine braking....ugh! One of the primary things I like about 2-strokes is the lack of engine braking. Downhill twisties are way more fun on two strokes, way smoother without the engine braking interfering with the smoothness and continuity of one's descent. I don't even like that aspect of riding any 4-stroke on downhills, even inline fours like my Z1000.
There is something to be said for out riding folks fair and square and on a vintage smoker to boot. Those boys just got there egos checked. I think they where giving you the look since they thought something was wrong with you bike due to all the smoking. They probably don't even know what a 2 stroke is.

I miss my RZ350 ... But there is something to be said for V-twin torque

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