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I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rubber ducky.
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“ Quote:
Originally Posted by Zito View Post
Using body weight as an excuse for not being able to handle a bike is sad. I weigh in at around 170, and i can toss around my 6th gen just fine. A friend pf mine weighs about 160ish and can toss his 5th gen around like nothing too. Learn to ride.
It's not a matter of not knowing how to ride. I have no problem muscling my Viffer through corners; it's the effort required to manhandle the weight that makes me dislike it. It's just not suited to my riding style or preferences. Too. Heavy. Too. Big. That's it.

I know the VFR has a beloved following. I expect that I'm rubbing you VFR-lovers the wrong way. Let me just be clear: it's a great bike, but it's not for me.

And Larry made it out to my place last night and we went for a short spin... I rode his FZ6 and he rode my Viffer.

I enjoyed riding the FZ6... actually, the ergonomics are more comfortable than the VFR, and the bike is much lighter. My biggest complaint is that the front forks suck... that would be the first thing I change if I had an FZ6.

I'll let Larry talk for himself regarding his impression of the VFR...

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I Ride: 1999 Honda VFR800Fi, 2006 M50 (sold), 2007 FZ6 (sold)
Galen and I went out for a short ride last night. Again thanks for Galen for letting me take his viffer for a ride. Here are my thoughts:

The VFR looks and sounds awesome. Nothing sounds like that V4. As for the riding I went into the ride asking myself if I wanted to get a VFR now which would mean selling my FZ6 or waiting until I had a place to put a VFR (I need more garage space). Long story short I am not selling my Fizzer; however, I still love the VFR. They are two pretty different bikes with two different audiences. As Galen mentioned the FZ6 is by far the more comfortable bike at least to me and my back. The riding position is much more upright (yes, you can get some hellis for the VFR to compensate which I would do). For daily commuting the position and 100lbs less weight makes a difference. Currently I ride about eight miles into downtown Portland, so I mainly do inner-city riding with lots of stops and turns. The torque of the VFR is great for the stop and goes but for all the stop and turns I have to do the smaller bike wins. I did a 1.5k mile ride a few months ago on my FZ going over mountain passes, etc. and had no problem. I think for touring it is a great bike in its own right. I don’t think the FZ6 will ever have the following, however, that the VFR has or will have in the years to come.

As for the ride last night I loved that no matter what gear I was in I had so much torque available to me and then some. The power band is much more even and manageable on the VFR. Yeah, it is a bigger bike and I am a BIG guy but I don’t’ think that would really be in issue for my and my personal riding style. The FZ6, on the other hand, is just so easy to flick around in comparison, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like the VFR. I like how my body felt like it was much more part of the handling experience on the VFR – it had to be. I guess the best way to put it is I had to be more involved with the VFR which I don’t really want for my everyday bike, but I do want for weekend riding. Would I be happy with the VFR for daily riding? Yes, but I would prefer the FZ6 for that role. Am I going to get a VFR? Absolutely, some day in the not too distant future my stable will increase by one VFR. I think the VFR is fun, fast, enjoyable, looks awesome, sounds amazing, and is a classic in its own right.

As Galen also mentioned there is a strong following of VFR riders out there. I have always enjoyed chatting with the group. I think this thread also has shown their support and love for the model. Give me a year or two and I will be a happy member of that group.

Galen, let me know if you want to come down and try the CBR 250 out.

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Pit Crew
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Different strokes for different folks. No argument here. I forgot to mention i have seargent seat and genmar bar risers, big improvement over the stock set up. And prepare for some electrical work on the vfr, unless the previous owner took care of it.

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Chicken Strips
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I can't wait to ride a VFR 800 and compare it to my VF500f Interceptor.

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I cant wait to compare my VFR800 to the VFR1200!

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I Ride: 2000 Honda VFR800, 2008 Husqvarna TE-610
Zoji, I think you had a great side-by-side comparo and I'll back your description up. I use mine for day long rides or farther and I prefer my lighter, more flixable Husky for the daily grind.

Off topic, but I drove downtown today and I can't say enough how much I F*@#ING HATE going dt and dealing with the masses. I avoid it almost at all cost but I had to pick up a couple copies of a special magazine at Rich's Cigar shop. I have pity on you!

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“ Quote:
Originally Posted by Zito View Post
Using body weight as an excuse for not being able to handle a bike is sad. I weigh in at around 170, and i can toss around my 6th gen just fine. A friend pf mine weighs about 160ish and can toss his 5th gen around like nothing too. Learn to ride.
"Learn to ride"? That's kinda nasty, coming from an internet stranger....You don't know how I ride.

Weight is weight. You can't 'fool' gravity or inertia, no matter what your perceived riding skills may be.... I'm glad you think your 160lb pal can 'toss around his 5th Gen like nothing'....he must be using the same 'stuff' as Lance Armstrong or something. Rossi or Stoner, even they would not be 'flicking' a VFR around....Maybe Shaq the 400lb basketballer might 'flick' one...

Seriously though, a 250lb rider on a 500lb bike, he (or she) is more likely to easily 'toss around' that bike.
I didn't say I wasn't able to handle my VFR because I was too light......on the contrary, I think I said I had some fun with my R-1, my 675 Daytona, my Hayabusa and my 600RR buddies, on the twisty canyons and backroads...handling the VFR well enough to chose and hold my position in that crowd...

I just found I prefer a ride with a less 'majestic' feel...And one I can pick back off the ground without slipping a disc in my back, should it ever tip over.

I actually know how to ride.. Now, bragging on the Net about how you can do something the defies gravity...that is a bit sad..

Sorry list, I just hadda respond to the Troll.

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I Ride: 1999 Honda VFR800 2006 Honda 599 Hornet
I'm on my second vfr this one is a gen 5. I commute a lot on it and it is great! It is also very capable in the turns. Make sure you have a good suspension set up and good tires though, or it will feel heavy. I'm 6ft 200lb and ergonomically it is perfect. My knees stick over the top of the tank on most 600s.

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