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“ Quote:
Originally Posted by dragracer1951 View Post
While there're only 31 Lightnings built, many many black. Shadows roamed the streets. They were the baddest bike on the planet.
And Rollie Free did the 150 mph run on a lightning. Not a shaddow
They were absolutely a production bike.
In fact they held the record of fastest production bike untill Kawasaki built the Z1
I did not say they were not fast, but they didn't even make 11,000 bikes it ten years.

I guess it depends of your definition of production.

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It is in terms of the standard production methods of the day.
Triumph, BSA, Norton et al were about the same.
Well...they built more, but things were different then as far as methods of production are concerned.

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Love the exhaust. Jealous

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Here's my 750. Before and after

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“ Quote:
Originally Posted by soopahok996 View Post
Just got it back on the road, now I'm trying to work out all the kinks

Will post some pics during the build later if anyone is interested. Gotta head off to work, I have to pay for the project somehow.
No way that runs...there are no wires!!!

Seriously good looking bike...

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