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Bike down 5/15 west of Moscow
On my way home from Moscow this evening there was a bike down between the new stoplight just west of Moscow and the Toyota dealership. It didn't look like another vehicle was involved as the bike was lying on its side in the center of the highway. There were a handful of people on the side of the road and the police were on the scene. I didn't get a great look at the bike, but it kinda looked like a black CBR.

Anyhow, thought I'd post here to see if anybody had any good news. Hope everyone's okay. Stay safe out there folks. Especially with all the graduation traffic.

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I'm surprised at how long this one took to get on the site. Last wreck it was less than 15min before it was posted. I kept checking to see if anything was posted since there were many a bystander and passerby.

And a side note, there was another bike down over in moscow. Sounds like lots of rash, but I'm just repeating what I heard from a nurse.

Ride safe everyone, watch out for those cars.

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