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Grabbing Christie Cooley's response to Simoncelli's death--When Marco Simoncelli was asked if he was afraid to die in a crash, he said, "No. Si vive di pił andando 5 minuti al massimo su una moto come questa, di quanto non faccia certa gente in una vita intera." The rough translation of this answer is, "No, you live more riding bikes like these for five minutes than most people do in an entire life." Although I'll never ride a bike like Marco could, I concur!!!

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Rest in peace Simoncelli :(

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Really Really sad to see this. I have never in my life seen an accident like this one. I don't know much about the traction control systems these guys are using and maybe some of you guys know more about it. Could this have anything to do with this accident? From the vid it looks like he only has a leg up on the bike. I've never seen a bike come back from a lowside like that.

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