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Greg Creamer is an idiot. It's like he is over enunciating just for the fact that it makes him sound "smart and worldy". Get him off the airwaves.

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I just want to bump this up and say that I think the speed tv coverage of the Laguna gp race was absolutely horrendous. I feel like I missed half the race with the amount of commercials, recaps of old races I don't care about, random shots of the crowd (right when the pass for the lead is taking place no less?) etc etc.

A big fat fuck you to speedtv/fox. Suck my balls, I'm going to torrent the bbc coverage and watch the rest of the race now.

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IF you want to see Laguna click below.

speed sux, not a fan of an Shaheen's d-baggery about Castillian spanish.

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The video pass is down the 50Euro for the rest of the reason. Just sayin'.

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your rants about race coverage on the stateside channels makes me feel lucky,just had two 1hour slots on local bbc of last weekends ULSTER GRANDPRIX the fastest roadrace in the world and am now looking forward to this weekends MotoGP on Eurosport and some BSB thrown in for good measure,and I used to think you guys had the best of everything your side of the pond.

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Well, aside from nascar watching, I resemble that remark...

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This is still timely.... FUCK YOU Speed Channel!

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The "world feed" is the only reason I still record the GP and WSBK races, I literally watch the AMA races on mute, because of that down syndrome sounding retard that is babbling about shit he's usually wrong about....

I wrote Speed an email on their website last year when I started watching AMA, saying how they could improve viewer ship if they didn't have somebody who sounds like they should be wearing a bicycle helmet around all the time. No response still.... stupid fuckin Speed TV.....

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