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From: SnoCo, Wa

I Ride: Harley and Dualsport
It certainly all depends on your needs...but here are my 2 bits

Recently picked up some much needed cold weather gear at cycle gear in Tacoma. Bilt jacket and pants. I think its their "storm" line.

The jacket fits very well, is lightweight and comfortable. totally windproof, waterproof, and very warm. Plenty of pockets with storm flaps. I rode well above the snow line in the north cascades and since my blood normally runs cold I can say that I am very pleased with the jacket. I've also had the chance to run this gear in the rain and had no water get in as well. Very nice!

My only gripe is that the liner likes to grab my shirt sleeves when I put the jacket on so to resolve the issue, I removed the liner and put it on separately which makes it more manageable.

The pants are a bit bulky and loose, the knee armor feels oddly positioned, but all things considered they work as well as the jacket for protection from the elements. Mine dont have a full length zipper which makes it impossible to takes these on/off without removing my boots, so if you get these look for the full length zipper instead. Otherwise I'm happy with the pants.

I'm not complaining too much about the minor inconveniences...what was most important for me was that I wasnt freezing my tail off and/or getting wet while enjoying my rides. With that said, I personally think this gear does a stellar job for a very reasonable price.

Again, depending on your personal needs.... I have a dual sport so my requirements and opinions will certainly differ from that of the sportbike crowd.

One last note, the dude at cycle gear was really cool and very helpful. That alone made for a great experience. I was out of town and just happened upon the store so this was a purely uninteded stop...I'll go out of my way to return and I wont hesitate to purchase Bilt products in the future...

So far so good...4 of 5 stars overall.

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From: Leesburg
Have had great success with brand
We own several of the BILT brand stuff and love them. Helmets, jackets, chaps, gloves. Been riding since 1974 and I like good equipment. Have no complaints about any of the stuff we have purchased as of yet. Just picked up the latest BILT helmet with bluetooth. Wife and I stood about 4 blocks from each other and talked just fine. Listened to music and used phone on it everyday and have yet to kill batt in one day.

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Pit Crew
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I think their stuff is hit-and-miss. It is tier 1 gear so you get what you pay for. I will say that their latest offerings (Storm?) seems equivalent to Tourmaster which is a value Tier-1 brand. Personally, I'd rather buy Tier 2/3 used gear than new Tier-1 gear. Tier 1 brands (Tourmaster, Bilt, Firstgear, Vega, Joe Rocket, Alpinestar Textile, Speed and Strength, Sedici, Icon) Tier 2/3 (Olympia, Revitt, BMW, Rukka, Klim, Aerostich).

You can improve the Tier-1 stuff by weatherproofing with Nikwax, seam sealant. In the end, you get what you pay for.

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From: Tacoma, wa

Brought one of the Bilt track suits. Was ok fitting. Didn't look to bad either. But the negitive part is that it only made it two track days before the seems started to come apart. Back to some good stuff. The warrenty was a no question asked replacement. So will try it agin this year and see how it turns out.

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I Ride: GSXCBR1 Ninja Desmosedici
I have the Bilt one piece track suit, bought it the summer of 2011. Got it on sale for $299, so I jumped all over that. I'm a big guy and went with a size 50, wishing now I had went with a 48 as it has stretched some and doesn't fit as snug as I'd like it to. I field tested it once on the street and it held up fine, just some scuff marks. There is a one inch section on the inner thigh where the stretchy stuff mates with the leather where the seam is coming undone, but a quick stitch job will fix that. It does come with cheesy ass knee pucks which I tossed out the first day I had it and put real sliders on. Compared to an Alipne* or Dainese, you can definitely tell the difference in quality, meaning its not as heavy which translates to not as much leather, but for street/trackday use it's done right by me. I would NOT have paid full price ($399) for it...for that chunk of change, I would have spent another few hundred and done an Alpine*

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Pit Crew
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From: tad north of CDA

I Ride: KTM 950 Super Enduro...what kind of sick freak would ride a 100 HP dirt bike?
I bought a BILT adventure coat, in safety yellow due a very close call. Not my favorite color but practical, It fit me (6'6" 300 lb), sleeves are long enough (rare) sleeve openings are a tad big, Ill have to add an extra velcro tab to snug them up. Inner liner is too thick and too warm, so I removed it and use layers instead. My biggest bitch is the handed zipper but Ill get used to it. For $150 does a great job

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Chicken Strips
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From: east coast
Depends what you buy. Picked up some of their cold gear, was pretty useless. Have a bilt rain gear set that works and is holding up well.

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From: Spokane, WA

I Ride: 2006 GSX-R 1000
I bought their 1 piece racing suit and boots last year, because I desperately wanted a suit so I could go to the drag-strip and do some track days. Only ended up using it at the drag-strip for 3-4 passes, and maybe 1 or 2 times for just regular street rides. No problems with it, but its almost brand new still too. Knee pucks are worthless if you actually need them. And for some reason it has 2 zippers on the front, which means when its zipped up, one is at the bottom and one is at the top. The one on the bottom will scratch your tank if you tuck in.

I think their "trackstar" boots are worthless though. I feel safer in my work boots than than those flimsy things.

Going to be more serious about doing track days this year, so I picked up a very slightly used A* suit. The A* suit is the same size as the Bilt (40), and the A* is definately heavier and feels like it fits better. Got some new A* SMX plus boots on the way too!

Overall I thought the suit was alright, but I didn't put it through much either. Good value for someone just wanting to hit the track once in a while. I would skip the chinsey boots though.

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From: Kirkland,wa

I Ride: 02 SV650S, 08 V900 custom
All my gear is BILT helmet gloves, jacket, pants, boots. I love it no issues @ALL.. Try em out.

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Peg Dragger
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I Ride: 2010 Ninja 250r Sold & 99 R1
A couple of months ago I bought my gf a bilt helmet at the Cycle gear in Lynwood it was at a good price and she really liked the color and design so far she claims its comfortable and will still wear it. We also bought our 6 year old son a pair of gloves for his motorcycle, He as being new to the whole bike thing fell once at a panic moment gloves served their purpose and held pretty good.. So far we can say that we are pleased

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cheap stuff can look nice and maybe feel nice, but how does it hold up in a crash? 30 seconds of googling returned multiple reports of their one piece suit splitting at the seams.

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I Ride: '03 gixxer 1000
I picked up the Sedici 2-piece and so far so good. Haven't gone down in it yet but the quality seems pretty good.

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Peg Dragger
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I Ride: your girlfriend (‿ˠ‿)
Bought some Bilt boots since they were cheap and my first set....ended up returning them and the same set after them when the zipper broke on the same boot and in the same way on both sets...

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I Ride: '05 Busa, '81 Seca 550, '78 Hawk, '69 Z50A
Listen... first of all, I understand budgets. We only have so much cabbage to spend on shit..

The question you have to ask yourself is, what is your head/skin worth?

I recently went into the Spokane Cycle Gear store to see what they had for Arai and Shoei lids.

I was incredibly unimpressed. One RF1100 in my size, and zero Arai. One Bell RS1, size small...and zero Bell Stars.

Yet.. the wall was FULL of Bilt, 707 (wtf?) and other off-brand stuff.

How will the Bilt stuff stand up in a crash? Dunno.. but I'll bet the age old adage "you get what you pay for" will apply.

I've been down wearing my A-star gear, my Sidi boots and my Shoei lid. The shit worked. Is still wear it.....(the lid barely touched the pavement, and I've got a new one coming) bottom line is quality costs a bit more, but it's worth it.

Don't comprimise on your safety. Buy the good stuff first, and never look back.

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I Ride: 99 Suzuki Marauder VZ800
“ Quote:
Originally Posted by SiCC View Post
cheap stuff can look nice and maybe feel nice, but how does it hold up in a crash? 30 seconds of googling returned multiple reports of their one piece suit splitting at the seams.
I had a bilt modular helmet in my crash last October. It held up well despite my face going directly into the car. The plastic chin liner inside cracked, and there was some good scraping on the back when I landed. It definitely did its job well.

Would have purchased again, but fell in love with the scorpion exo look/features.

sent via middle finger express

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Cyclegear offers good, better, best options. Safety is always a big standard of course, and with DOT rating safety has been tested. I'm surprised Spokane didn't have much for Shoei helmets Tacoma has a mound of them. I think they offer the BiLt brand more for the rider that can't afford the high dollar safety equipment and would rather see them in some safety gear rather than nothing or just shirt, jeans, flip-flops and a 12 year old helmet that's ready to crack. I believe that Dainese, Alpinestar, Arai, Shoei, Firstgear, Scorpion had all to start somewhere and build more with R&D from the facts that they gather how to better their gear. Only difference is Alpinestars, Dainese, Arai, and Shoei started in the 60s and new companies like 707, Bilt, Sedici, Speed & Strength, Street & Steel, and Icon just recently came up in the motorcycle industry (About 3-6 years.) Also if you look at the tag on some of the helmets and gear that you'll find that some of the gear, helmets etc. actually came from the same factory as other leading brands.

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From: Sequim, WA
I bought a BiLT Trackstar jacket and gloves, along with one of their helmets back in 2011. The helmet was decent enough for the price, ample padding and protection. Visor never gave me any trouble, and being able to swap from smoked to clear in 30 seconds was nice. It had good venting, although a few more vents would have been nice, but didn't block so much sound and wind out. I don't like to wear earplugs or headphones while I ride, way too much stuff going on to be distracted or to not be able to hear, but at highway speeds all you could hear was wind noise. That, and the lenses fogged up horribly if the humidity was above 70%. But, all in all, it was worth he $90 I paid for it. Then again I never laid my 750 down.

The jacket, ugh... The velcro on the arms was weak, I was always adjusting the sleeves because it would come loose, then, half the stitching came out of the velcro. Great. The liner was nice, but a bit warm for Florida at the time, so it never got used. The armor was thick enough and in the right places, but the spine protector was literally a piece of 1/2" foam, better than nothing, but not much. The zippers... lord. My FIRST jacket lasted about 6 months before the zipper just couldn't take it anymore and wouldn't hold together, I'd zip it up, and it would just come undone from the waist up to my neck. So I took it back, they exchanged it, no questions asked, and the next one broke 10 minutes into my first ride. I took it back and just asked for store credit. I'm sure down the road I'll need some grips or chains or oil, etc.

The gloves were half-way decent, unlike the jackets. I didn't always wear them, but when I did, they did their job well. Didn't pinch and were fairly flexible. Velcro could have been a touch better quality (seems to be their downfall along with zippers) but all in all, worth the 15$ I paid. They're the only BiLT equipment I have left now, helmet was sold with bike and I'll never buy another jacket from them.

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Pit Crew
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I Ride: white & nerdy
I have loads of stuff from Cycle Gear, and for the most part, it's working well. I got my Bilt helmet a year ago- no complaints there. The helmet we picked for my GF had a visor with an irritating habit of coming loose on one side, so I took it back a few days later and got her a different model.

I have 3 or 4 pairs of Bilt gloves from there, and they're all fine. I use them a lot and haven't had any seam issues.
I have 2 pairs of boots, and they 're both fine. The shorter pair with dual zippers is the easiest boot on-and-off I've ever worn, and the taller track boots feel about the same as any other track boot... mildly uncomfortable "ski stance" and not made for walking much, altho I did wear them all day last Sunday on a 300 mile Arizona ride, from 9am to around 5 or 6 that evening.

I have a Bilt mesh jacket (with liner that I removed), only complaint is the pocket zippers are zipped up when closed, and I prefer zipped down when closed.

If I was in the market for a 1 piece suit, I'd get it there. They go on "close-out" sale for $199 several times a year. And if it only lasts one crash, I'd get another, rather than paying $1200 for a name brand that will last several crashes, and look scuffed and battle worn. I'm sure the more expensive suit is heavier leather, but I'm in the desert, and heavier is hotter, and hotter means it hangs in the closet instead of getting worn.

It sounds like they have more hit-and-miss issues with quality there than the larger name brands, mostly in seams and zippers, so like someone said earlier, check it good before you take it home, and keep the receipt. It happens with all companies... gloves that fall apart in a week, or seams that split. I think it just happens more at CG. They are very good about exchanges.

All in all, you get what you pay for.

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Yeah all my Bilt stuff is not the best looking..but the gear I got has held up real well. I went down in a pair of their pants...they held up great. You kinda get what you pay for...I can say other gear does fit..and loo a little better. But for the money..there is plenty of value in what you are buying. And it is good way to get what you need til you can get what you want.

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although I didn't purchase one, BILT leather stuff is not bad. You just gotta pay attention to the stitching, make sure they are all aligned and solid.

Their leather gloves I think are very very good. Their gauntlet gloves is like a refreshed sp1!

Sedici I think is a bit better, plus you can buy their FULL SUIT for just almost 300. All you gotta do is rattle can the sedici brand, but for that price, you can order a custom suit from Singapore., shipping included.

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