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Rain Gear - Olympia Mesh Tech Systems
The question of good rain and winter gear seems to be a perennial question on PNW Riders - the second fall hits, everybody goes out and buys gear after a summer of riding in shorts and flip flops. Budget minded folks fill Cycle Gear, and the BMW dealers cater to a more affluent crowd.

A good set of Spidi or BMW gear, for instance, will cost $800+ for jacket and pants. Add another $250+ for waterproof boots, gloves, gaiters, and other accessories. You're in $1000-1500, and that's for a non-heated system.

So what does the budget-conscious rider buy? My vote goes to the Olympia Mesh Tech Systems Gear lineup. Quality is second to none and fit adjustments are abundant. The jacket has two removable layers. Temperature range wearing regular clothes underneath is 20F-90F; I've not tried anything beyond that. Waterproof-ness is excellent; riding on I-5 in the aftermath of last year's blizzard was a walk in the park.

Cost is $460+ for a pants/jacket combo, and there are a number of color combos to choose from, including hi-viz. No reason to skimp on comfort and safety for this chump change. Over one year in, my gear has held up solidly, and saved my bum in two lowsides (on a closed course). Nary a scratch.

There is more expensive gear out there, and "cooler" looking gear out there. However, if you're looking for high quality, waterproof jackets and pants at an entry level price point, that can genuinely be worn year round, Olympia Mesh Tech Systems is hard to beat.

Proof the hi-viz stands out:

* I'm not affiliated with Olympia in any way, other than being a very satisfied customer*

FYI the Shadow above is NOT mine. Ewwwww. The gear is.

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I agree. I have the Moab jacket (a bit longer and lots of big pockets) and the pants that go with it. They both have CME armour in the right places and are really comfy. I rode in these this summer and was cool enough. The combo is warm and dry as well. Can't say enough good stuff about the gear. I have the high-vis jacket and it hurts the eyes. I wish there the pants have some high-vis besides the reflective trim.

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“ Quote:
Originally Posted by Apex View Post
Over one year in, my gear has held up solidly, and saved my bum in two lowsides (on a closed course). Nary a scratch.
Great review, thanks. Seems most reviews are done soon after purchase when we're excited about gear;
after a yr it just becomes 'ordinary gear.'

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Good review

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