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Kabuto Kamui helmet?
Anyone here looked at these? I'm new still so I can't give anything substantial, but here's my initial impressions:
  • Helmet is exceptional for glasses. I have noticed on other helmets that my glasses want to sit cockeyed or get shoved into my skull. I can sometimes maneuver my glasses around into a semi-tolerable position. With this helmet, my glasses just slipped on.
  • Has a sun visor. I'm skeptical about how easy it is to move it in and out of place, it's a bit stiff and utilizes a slider-style "button" which can be hard to find. I think I would prefer a lever.
  • Comfortable on the noggin while in the store. I liked wearing it better than the Arai I was shown (unknown model, perhaps RX-Q??)
  • Unique chin strap design - instead of the typical d ring, it has a ratcheting buckle and a pull tab to de-ratchet. Very fast and easy to manipulate.
  • Price tag of $250 sounds nice!

Product link

If anyone has anything to add, please let me know. Considering this as a first helmet to go with a future dual sport purchase.

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