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My Experience with Alpinestars Warranty
I had a recent experience with the warranty department at Alpinestars. This is the letter I wrote to them.

“ Quote:

My name is Reid Loeffler and I would like to take a moment and express my disapproval and disappointment with my experience with the warranty department at Alpinestars (A*).

I purchased a pair of Missile Leather pants on January, 24th, 2015 via special order through Bob Lanphere's Beaverton Motorcycles, a local authorized A* dealer. At the beginning of March I noticed a seam in the seat of the pants had unwound. This was a concern because I had worn the pants 3 times for a total usage of about 3 hours. I called Beaverton Motorcycles on March 12 asking about A* warranty and they said they do not deal with A* warranty and directed me to A* customer support line.
I emailed all of my appropriate contact information and pictures of the pants being sure to detail the defective parts to on March 16, and "Natalie Proskine" (Title 'Sales Support') responds to my email. On March 17, Natalie gave me a Return Authorization number (RA#5719) and informed me I'm responsible for shipping to send the pants in. I questioned Natalie on the same day stating the following:


I'm not sure if Alpinestars' "return policy" page ( applies to defective items but that page states "Shipping charges will only be refunded if the item you have received is incorrect or damaged" and since my pants are factory defective I'm not comfortable paying any shipping prices out of pocket. I firmly believe I should be reimbursed for all shipping charges.


Natalie Responds March 17th:

"Hi Reid,

The return policy on our website is strictly for items purchased on
In some cases the dealer sends the item back for the customer.
Unfortunately I cannot send a shipping label.


Natalie Proskine"

I send one final email on March 17th to Natalie stating the following:

"I don't mind paying shipping up front and being reimbursed. But I don't want to be held responsible for paying to repair or exchange a factory defective item in any way. Alpinestars should be completely at fault for all defects it's products may have. Insisting the customer pay shipping to return defective merchandise puts the customer at fault.

This email has since gone with no response. Up until this point I could expect a response within 12 hours, this email has gone 4 business days ignored.

I personally feel blamed for receiving a pair of defective pants. When I ordered these pants I was under the understanding that I was going to receive a quality new piece of merchandise, free from any defects or damages. This is not what I received and I have been penalized for it. When I searched for information on defective returns, there is none available that applies to me. When I contact customer service, I go ignored.

I have since taken them to a local tailor and had them repaired for half of what it would've cost to ship them to A*.

I am disappointed and hope my experience can be used to better Alpinestars' business model in the future. I love A* products and have for years, but this experience makes me want to rethink things.
I am awaiting a response so review is still neutral. I LOVE LOVE LOVE A* anything and this experience was a rain on my parade.

*Picture of defective pants added. I know the seam doens't look too bad but it was only going to get worse and I'd only worn them 3 times...
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Chicken Strips
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I had an unexpected experience with them too.
Bought two pair of gp pro gloves and one of them split the end out of the middle finger right away and was unraveling down the finger. Surprised as i love their stuff and have come to expect quality from them.
Nobodys perfect.

When I called the guy said ship it back and we will put a couple stitches in it but it will be a month or so. Otherwise im sure you have a local leather shop that can do it right away for not much more than the shipping.
Thanks, guys! I stitched it myself and was left feeling like it could have been handled better.

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"...via special order through Bob Lanphere's Beaverton Motorcycles, a local authorized A* dealer."

"I called Beaverton Motorcycles on March 12 asking about A* warranty and they said they do not deal with A* warranty and directed me to A* customer support line."

And local dealers wonder why people buy stuff online rather than shopping local.

Why do I not have a problem paying a bit more locally a lot of the time? It's a little thing called customer service. If I know I'm not going to get any from a certain dealer/retailer then what would I shop there when I can buy the same exact item for quite a bit less online, and quite possibly get better customer service anyway? There is a reason retailers like Costco, Nordstrom and REI are consumer favorites, service.

@Reid got zero service from his local dealer and it seems like A* is becoming more of a sales and marketing organization, less of a motorcycle gear supplier. Get the sale and run...on both companies parts.

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I ordered a pair of Alpinestars overpants through Beaverton Motorcycles last year. When they came in, I found one of the loops to attach the liner was frayed and nearly completely loose from the pants. I showed the guy at the counter and he took it back without batting an eye and ordered a new pair. Granted, I found the flaw before I left the store.

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I would send a letter to the editor at WeBBikeworld outlining your experience, especially if your pants style was reviewed there. I think his site gets a lot of traffic, and poor reviews should get a reputable company to up their game. I did that for a pair of First Gear TPG pants I had that leaked. The company offered to repair them but wouldn't guarantee that they wouldn't leak. This was on pants that were 3 year guarantee to not leak. Sometimes, even when you pay good money, you can't get good stuff.

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