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Peg Dragger
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From: Burien, Wa

I Ride: I just keep it in the garage and make the neighbors think I ride
Somebody wake up CascadeSlacker
Somebody shake him awake from all that puke on the picnic table or pull his face out of the homebrew. He has questions to answer on the camping thread.

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From: Myrtle Creek, OR

I Ride: '05 HD XL1200C, '08 Yamaha XT250, and an '04 TT-R 125 when the kid lets me.
Cascade who? Oh, you mean that guy who used to ride that Appalachia thingy but now rides that weird yellow thingy? I heard he retired to Buenos Aires or something. Oh, and that he was taken out by a low flying Andean Condor.

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