PNW Riders Ask an Officer Rules

Updated: 2 August 2008

It is important to read and understand the following rules and guidelines for the PNW Riders Ask an Officer section of the forum:

Only users who are marked as a “Verified LEO” should reply to topics posted within a thread. The original thread starter can be anyone, but those who reply in the thread should be the original poster and the LEO’s only.

If you want to discuss a topic and are not the original thread starter, post up a new thread and again, only the thread starter and LEO’s will be allowed to respond within the thread.

With the cooperation of the Washington State Patrol, PNW Riders is able to validate user accounts as Law Enforcement Officers of the State Patrol, Sheriff's Departments, Police Departments, and other local law enforcement agencies. These specific user accounts have been tagged as a “Verified LEO” under their username.

DISCLAIMER: The law enforcement officers are not lawyers and do not dispense legal advice. If you need legal advice, you are encouraged to seek out competent counsel.

We want this Ask an Officer subforum to stay on topic as much as possible, and we do not want this subforum to be used as a breeding ground for civilian versus LEO or LEO versus civilian discussions.

No anti-law enforcement threads or posts will be allowed by civilians. No anti-civilian threads or posts will be allowed by law enforcement officers. If this happens, the user account will be banned immediately and indefinitely from the Ask an Officer subforum. I cannot state this any clearer. No exceptions. No warnings.

Users/Lurkers of the forum are strongly encouraged to report posts that do not follow these guidelines.

Please keep your threads and posts professional.

Rider: When you’re asking for information from a law enforcement officer, remember they may not necessarily be the person who pulled you over, so please don’t take it out on them.

LEO: When asking information about something from a motorcycle rider, remember they may not necessarily be the rider you pulled over, so please don't take it out on them.

There is a certain camaraderie with the profession of law enforcement. Please do not expect law enforcement officers to slag the decisions of other officers whether it’s warranted or not. Likewise there is a certain camaraderie amongst motorcyclists. Please do not expect riders to slag the actions of other riders whether it's warranted or not.

Don’t take things personal. Remember, this is an opportunity for interaction between law enforcement officers and riders.



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