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  1. Thinking about buying my friends 2002 zx6r but need some advice. It has 25k on it, but the previous owner before my friend said it was all rebuilt 2k miles ago (no documentation, just his word), the front forks have been replaced last year, the chain needs to be tightened, the fairings are a little rough,

    and the worst problem is that either the needles stick or the floats get are stuck because one of the cylinders gets flooded when you run it.

    A mechanic checked it out, reset the mixture, and synced the carbs and it's still doing it. It starts up just fine but that's the only issue. He rode the bike all last summer as a commuter and had no issues otherwise.

    Anyway he's only asking $1k for the bike including a helmet, jacket, ramps, and muzzy exhaust. What do you guys think? Should I pick it up and try to fix it or is it not worth it? any idea what the problem may be?

    Keep in mind i'm an ok rider (rode a few times the last two summers on friends bikes) and don't care about the looks of the bike too much, just something to ride for awhile while I get better.

    I'd probably turn it into something like this...

  2. Are you mechanically inclined and don't get demotivated easily?
  3. I am mechanically inclined and don't get demotivated easily, plus I DO have most of the winter to fix it (mechanics and body work) but I just don't want this to be a $1,000 issue or if it's going to be a total loss and not going to be able to fix it I will not buy it... if I have to spend a few hundred bucks on it then no worries though
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    $1,000 bucks for a 2002 running bike with no damage (right?) plus gear and extras, that's a no brainer. Do it. If it ends up being completely shot you can get most if not all your money out of parting it out and you still have the gear for your next bike...

    Most likely tho, you will fix it for 50-100 bucks and have a good bike for years to come!
  5. The fairings are aftermarket ones that fit very poorly thus turning it into a streetfighter, it has most likely been down since there are new front forks but it doesn't have a branded title. New pegs, handles, clutch, and brake though.... It is a rough bike but I think with some work I can fix-er up and worst case scenario get it running then sell it come summer and buy a newer bike. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't getting in over my head and see if anyone could be of any help solving this issue
  6. Overall, you could figure out what M/C you want, regardless of the 'great deal,' and pursue that.
    Here, you're considering taking a problem off a friend's hands.

    Only if you're better at hands-on fixing things than your friend is, then go for it.
    If you'll have to pay for repair work, pass on it.

    $1000 is really cheap. Too cheap, imo.

  7. UhOh, thats a good way to look at it.... although I do want something to work on this winter since my car is getting too expensive to modify since i've done all the less-expensive modifications already. Plus I do want a bike but the 3,500/4,000 is a little much for the bike that I really want. Plus If I happen to wreck/drop a $1,500 (after repairs) bike I wont feel as bad hahaha
  8. Get the bike, I had one for a few years, I loved it! If anything breaks majorly ebay has motors for 400ish, new carbs for a hundred (but i remember those carbs were pretty damn simple to rebuild), 1k is a steal. They are very fun.... but if you do decided to strip the fairings, you need to mod the carbs a bit due to lack of air intakes...
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    Take the bike to a KAWASAKI Dealer. Spend an hours shop time. Have a KAWASAKI tech go over the bike. Then decide if its a good deal. It may be! Or, there can be hidden problems. 1K is very very cheap. Too cheap.
  10. Dennis D

    The 02 ZX6R was re badged as the ZZR600 so the model was available up until 2007. I believe the only difference is the ZZR doesn't have the fairing stays, don't need them on a sport tourer don't you know. I have an 07 ZZR and it's a pretty decent bike, plenty fast and the suspension works quite well for us light weight guys. No bad habits as a tool to learn with. You do have to mind the gas during winter storage or the carbs. will need work, especially if you don't use clear gas and a stabilizer but that's just par for the course with bikes. While you have the carbs. off adjust the air screws a bit and your good to go.

  11. 1k is not bad at all, with gear and stand/ramp too? Taking it to a mechanic to look would not be a bad investment either....60+$ or 1000$+?
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  12. stuck float for a year=washing down cylinder wall for a year, I'd get a leakdown test and give a really close listen for anything that sounds like a rattle.
    I'd also think that this would have gotten fixed during a rebuild.
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