03-05 R6 Front and rear rims amd couple different things

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  1. Hey guy's I'm Selling a set of rims that came off a 08 R6s that I was going to use as my spares for my track bike. I'll be at the Ridge Friday May 25th if anyone want them there. I'll bring them

    The tires are totally shot on the rims but the rims are in great condition I'd like $130 Firm for the two Also, the rotors will go with it as well. (Note the bearing and sprockets will not come with the rear tire)


    I also have Perilli slicks they were mounted on my track bike before I swapped out at KFG I'm not at the level where I need slicks on the track lol they said they have some life to them. I'd like $70 for the two the rear tire is 180/55/17


    Black front fender for 2003-2005 R6 in good condition has some little chips but not to bad $25



    You can pm me here or text me at 8028817948. Thanks guys! Also, I wont ship the rims to much of a pain in the ass for me right now lol
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  2. If you can guarantee that they are straight no flat spots, etc... I will take them and I can paypal you the payola if you like or however you want.....thanks
  3. Sale pending on the rims

    The rims are straight it has one very minor ding you only can see it if I pointed it out I never mounted them but I bought it from a friend of mine she never had any problems she just took them off because she bought powder coated rims and took these off and she never had a problem with them at all. I was going to use them for rain tires but I'm not at the point yet where I'm racing and will need rain tires I'm still a n00b lol
  4. Damn make me second in line. I'll be at the ridge and wouldn't mind grabbing these from you. Text me 253.797.0530
  5. Sounds good! I'll let you know when I'm there
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