04-07 cbr 1000rr front end

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  1. was going to use this front end on my 600 but motor went bad

    front fender 80
    clip on 50 each
    controls 40 each
    complete front brakes 90
    headlight 130
    fairing stay 90
    front wheel 270
    rear wheel 2208
    front rotors 90
    forks 300
    upper lower triple 120
    front axle 20
    may have other parts email me jerkydan@hotmail.com

    can also call me 503-309-1809
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  2. Is that a usd front end??? Pics???
  3. Wow, is the rear wheel made of gold or something??:shock:
  4. What would you want for the complete front and rear wheels? (Wheels, plus rotors and cush drive)
  5. Back off Joe. I've already staked a claim on the wheels. Gonna pick them up next week when we're in Portland.
  6. wheels sold
    thanks donny and tim
  7. Just wanted to give huge props to Dan. Stand up guy and went above and beyond to sell the wheels to me. Wheels were in better than expected condition and he threw in an extra.

    Thanks again Dan.
  8. I hate you now Donny

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