05-08 r1

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  1. Putting out a feeler. Pretty much ready to pull the trigger on this one, but the new R1 exhaust is so ugly that I can't see financing something so goofy looking. Prefer no blue, but if blue is what you're selling it can always be repainted.

  2. 04 is identical to the 05 aside from bold new graffics
  3. Noted, thanks. Was trying to figure out when the grand switch happened from google images.
  4. 07-08 R1.

    Better power, better suspension, better handling (once you get it setup). Raise the rear 3-5mm, lower the forks 3-5mm, and push out the bars, and you have an INCREDIBLE bike.

    Tail looks better, front doesn't look as good, but being on the bike feels great.

    I miss mine. :(
  5. Yamacrab

    07-08 is a great year for the R1.

    Also, if all you dislike about the new ('09+) R1 is the exhaust, why not just switch it out?

  6. I imagine the cost and ballache of doing so is probably more than it's worth, no? I'm not completely opposed to the idea.
  7. How about this one I can email a lot more pics. If interested PM me your email and I will send you all the info. 2005 R1 and I am the original owner.

    It is pretty stacked on after market stuff. Ohlins rear, Ohlins Damper, race tech internals in the front, Vortex rears sets, CRG's and a lot more.

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