'05 GSX-R600 $3000 Spokane

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by DiscoPonch, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Bike went upside down on me at 20mph once, but I picked it back up and rode the living piss out of it for the next four years.

    Title is clean, in my name, and in my hand. Plastic is bad, and there is one very cute scab on the tank, but the bike is very solid otherwise. Around 22k miles, good chain/sprockets, good tires, good battery, good forks, good bike.

    I've tried selling this bike on CL forever and three months but dealing with those people has been the worst experience of my life. I know everybody wants a free motorcycle and I know that this bike is only worth $400 and I know I should take payments and I know I should take an '82 Reliant on trade and I know it would cost someone $14,000 to fix this bike because that's my problem, but I just want to offer this for sale for $3000 because that's what I really want for it.

    $3000 cash. The only way I'd consider trades is if the offer is $3000 cash PLUS trades. Whatever is thrown in on top of $3k, I'll accept. A pencil. A haircut. Some haiku. I fat lip. I'll take it.

    I'm sincerely sorry if this ad sounds so counter-productive, but I've been on the CL whipping post since winter and I'm hoping this is a better audience. If not, that's okay too. Hell, I bet if I look deep enough I'll find even my ad has been clowned on PNWR. That's okay. And yes, that's a zinc fender washer holding the fairing on--I know. The wheels are dirty too, I see that.

    I don't get to my computer much, so calling would be best. Otherwise, I'll check this ad when I can.

    I'm out of cell range most of the day but I will call back in the evening for sure.


    no text please, Spokane number 270-0044

    I'm really not much of a douchebag, I just play one on the internet. If you have cash, I can clean up my act in a hurry....

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  2. ashfoot

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    At least you're honest! GLWS.
  3. I hope you find a buyer on here quickly and it's a smooth deal for both of you.
  4. crackup:
  5. Is this still available?
  6. Yes, the bike is still available. I'll update the ad if that ever changes.

    Clean title, dirty wheels. Someone will figure out how to cope.

    As far as this bike looking abused, I've always offered test-rides. Put the money in my hand and it's yours for an hour. Corner it, freeway it, ask a buddy if you are about to get fuct on it. Come back before then and back out all you want. Otherwise come back and get the title whenever you want. Not a lot of douchebags put that forward, but I do. The mechanical shit speaks for itself much more than the bodywork can, but maybe that's just me crazytalking again.

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  7. 3k for a running 05 and it's still here? Color me confused. Any more pics?
  8. Daves929

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    Assuming this has a clear title, you'll make more parting it out
    Just an option since you're not having good luck selling it whole
  9. Darvax

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    If by chance parting it out becomes and option, let me know I'll take some parts off it.
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    I've removed some posts that were offering some "classical" pnw advice. If you can't read the classified rules, or don't know them I'd advise looking them over before posting if you plan on giving someone your opinion about an item. This could always be done via PM and save threads from being derailed, but this is the interwebs..
  11. thats a great deal! glws!
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