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06 Gsxr 1000

Discussion in 'Projects' started by rob k, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. OK.. as you will see, this is a major project, but hey, I like a Challenge.http://[​IMG]
    I will add pics, as parts come in, and it starts going back together.

  2. It will be interesting to see if you pay more fixing it then what it would cost to get one that is barely ridden. Best of luck.
  3. So far, every thing has been cheap, rear swing arm $40 buck's ( e-bay), rear rim with tire $50 bucks (craigslist) rear axle $20 (e-bay) left side plastics $50 ( craigslist) It runs just fine. still need a mess of parts, but finding them easily, and cheap enough.. you would crap, if i told you what i paid for it.
  4. joshholland90

    joshholland90 Training Wheels

    ....So how much did you pay for it?
  5. less then i have into now.... :)
  6. I would crap if it was over $20 bucks crackup:crackup:
  7. pretty close.... but you better start puckering, because it was a little over $20. you realize what the motor is worth all by it self right? bike only has 3,700 miles on it. and has clean paper work.
  8. Check with DMV It could have a branded or salvaged title and paperwork hasn't been processed yet.
  9. It doesn't, free and clear, already looked into it. no report of the vin every being in an accident, Army guy who died, had no insurance, and no one to bail it out, it was considered abandoned by DMV. It came with a AVR, and is already in my name. when you buy an abandoned vehicle, it comes with a clean title in WA. state. but if insurance would have picked it up, it would show salvaged. No inspection even required.
  10. op don't listen to the naysayers. Thats a worthy project and the bike certainly has value just the way you bought it. It looks to me that once you get the rear wheel/swinger sorted out you are not far from having a sick streetfighter. The clean title is a bonus although I'm sure you'd tell the next guy about the history of the bike regardless.

    As you round up the parts, maybe you could try to stay away from any bits that are from dubious sellers with (most likely) stolen shite for sale.

    Nice score :mfclap:
  11. Yeah, so far I have only bought parts from 1 person on Craig's list, older gent, met at his home, he had laid down his bike, and sold me the lightly scuffed parts, dirt cheap. the e-bay stuff, is coming from motorcycle dis-mantler's, so more then likely other wrecked bikes. have not ran into the shady guy, who offers me the whole bike for $500, although i am sure I will in this quest for parts. I know better then to deal with the trembling dude's with no teeth.
  12. I shall watch this with interest. I'm doing the same with a GSXR1000K5. Frame from Texas, Engine from BC, Forks from Florida. Sources are the usual, eBay, Craigslist, local bike forums. Mine is going to be for track use only, but although well within a low budget, not as cheap as yours sounds ;)
  13. Agreed. Not sure how i'd feel riding a bike someone had died on, but I own a gun I know someone commited suicide with, so whatever.. Cool project, truly. Don't forget to update this thread with pics as you progress.
  14. Right on, thanks. I will post as I get the parts in.. E-bay seller, just sent me the wrong rear axle...... doh! the fun begins.
  15. Frame damage?
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