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09 Ninja 250 Cruising RPM's

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Aj555, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone! Ive been riding my ninja for the past month (obviously a new rider) and certainly noticed that cruising speeds for the ninja is around 7500/8k rpms. I was just wondering is it ok for the bike to be cruising around 9250/9800 rpms for a long distance?

    Im planning to go to Seattle - Spokane to visit my friend and rather get their in a shorter time so cruising speed around 80.

    **About 300 miles, near 5 hours following speed limit**

  2. No..the RPM's won't hurt the Ninja at all, having said that....I did go 1 tooth up on the CSS on my 10' Ninja 250 8)

  3. on my '03 250 I went to Salem an back this past June....averaged 80-85 mph@10k +/- rpm's............seemed to be ok...other than my miles per gallon dropped a little...went from 65-68 mpg...down to 60 mpg.....the 250 is a good little motor and can handle the rpm's.....they have been making them for so long, they have a pretty good life expectancy considering the rpm's that they will be run at!....
  4. No problems. I had my 04 at 11k+ for over 200 miles without a problem. It burnt a negligible amount of oil at high speeds over these kinds of trips(maybe 1mm on the sight glass).
  5. Ok sick, Thanks guys! Yeah wasnt sure and all cause i have cruised around 10k for a few miles and it sounded like i was about to kill the engine, but sounds like its pretty solid. Thanks again!
  6. it does take a little getting used to the high rpm's sounds....but they do hold up very well....
  7. that where you want to be!.....
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